Edgar Albert Guest Dreams Poems

The Dreams Of Youth

The dreams of youth are fairest,
The dreams of youth are rarest;
The dreams of youth are brighter
Than the dreams we'll know again.

Mothers' Splendid Dreams

Mothers dream such splendid dreams when their little babies smile,
Dreams of wondrous deeds they'll do in the happy after- while;
Every mother of a boy knows that in her arms is curled
One who some day will arise splendidly to serve the world.

Keep Your Dreams

Keep your dreams-they're richer far
Than the facts discovered are.
Do not seek all things to touch;

Summer Dreams

Drowsy old summer, with nothing to do,
I'd like to be drowsin' an' dreamin' with you;
I'd like to stretch out in the shade of a tree,
An' fancy the white clouds were ships out at sea,

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