Edgar Lee Masters

(23 August 1868 – 5 March 1950 / Kansas / United States)

Edgar Lee Masters Poems

241. Anthony Findlay 1/3/2003
242. Barney Hainsfeather 1/3/2003
243. Richard Bone 1/3/2003
244. Aaron Hatfield 1/3/2003
245. Ace Shaw 1/3/2003
246. Alfonso Churchill 1/3/2003
247. Amos Sibley 1/3/2003
248. Arlo Will 1/3/2003
249. The Hill 1/3/2003
250. Archibald Higbie 1/3/2003
251. Aner Clute 1/3/2003
252. Abel Melveny 1/3/2003
253. Lucinda Matlock 1/3/2003
254. Andy The Night-Watch 1/3/2003
255. Alexander Throckmorton 1/3/2003
256. Amelia Garrick 1/3/2003
257. Amanda Barker 1/3/2003
258. Anne Rutledge 1/3/2003
259. A.D. Blood 1/3/2003
260. George Gray 1/3/2003
261. Fiddler Jones 1/3/2003
262. Alfred Moir 1/3/2003
263. Silence 1/4/2003
Best Poem of Edgar Lee Masters


I have known the silence of the stars and of the sea,
And the silence of the city when it pauses,
And the silence of a man and a maid,
And the silence of the sick
When their eyes roam about the room.
And I ask: For the depths,
Of what use is language?
A beast of the field moans a few times
When death takes its young.
And we are voiceless in the presence of realities --
We cannot speak.

A curious boy asks an old soldier
Sitting in front of the grocery store,
"How did you lose your leg?"
And the old soldier is struck with silence, ...

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Ralph Rhodes

All they said was true:
I wrecked my father's bank with my loans
To dabble in wheat; but this was true --
I was buying wheat for him as well,
Who couldn't margin the deal in his name
Because of his church relationship.
And while George Reece was serving his term
I chased the will-o'-the-wisp of women,
And the mockery of wine in New York.

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