Edith Nesbit

(15 August 1858 – 4 May 1924 / Kennington / Surrey / England)

Edith Nesbit Poems

281. Song V 4/19/2010
282. The Last Defeat 4/19/2010
283. The Nest 4/19/2010
284. A Farewell 4/19/2010
285. After Sixty Years 4/19/2010
286. Lullaby 4/19/2010
287. The Gray Folk 4/19/2010
288. Spring Song Iii 4/19/2010
289. A Garden Of Girls 4/19/2010
290. A Star In The East 4/19/2010
291. Sea-Shells 4/19/2010
292. Song 4/19/2010
293. A Dirge 4/19/2010
294. The Despot 12/31/2002
295. A Last Appeal 4/19/2010
296. After Death 4/19/2010
297. At The Sound Of The Drum 4/19/2010
298. A Kentish Garden 4/19/2010
299. The Island 12/31/2002
300. The Maiden's Prayer 4/19/2010
301. Age To Youth 4/19/2010
302. St. Valentine's Day 12/31/2002
303. A Good-Bye 4/19/2010
304. In Trouble 12/31/2002
305. The Kiss 1/3/2003
306. Villeggiature 1/3/2003
307. Child's Song In Spring 8/18/2006
308. The Choice 4/19/2010
309. A Tragedy 12/31/2002

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    I like poem and story

Best Poem of Edith Nesbit

A Tragedy

Among his books he sits all day
To think and read and write;
He does not smell the new-mown hay,
The roses red and white.

I walk among them all alone,
His silly, stupid wife;
The world seems tasteless, dead and done -
An empty thing is life.

At night his window casts a square
Of light upon the lawn;
I sometimes walk and watch it there
Until the chill of dawn.

I have no brain to understand
The books he loves to read;
I only have a heart and hand
He does not seem to need.

He calls me "Child" - lays on my hair
Thin fingers, cold ...

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The Island

Does the wind sing in your ears at night, in the town,
Rattling the windows and doors of the cheap-built place?
Do you hear its song as it flies over marsh and down?
Do you feel the kiss that the wind leaves here on my face?
Or, wrapt in a lamplit quiet, do you restrain
Thoughts that would take the wind's way hither to me,
And bid them rest safe-anchored, nor tempt again
The tumult, and torment, and passion that live in the sea?

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