Edith Nesbit Poems

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May Song

BIRDS in the green of my garden
Blackbirds and throstle and wren,
Wet your dear wings in the tears that are Spring's

Mary Of Magdala

Mary of Magdala came to bed;
There were no soft curtains round her head;
She had no mother to hold of worth
The little baby she brought to birth.

The Enchanted Garden

OH, what a garden it was, living gold, living green,
Full of enchantments like spices embalming the air,

The Golden Rose

A POOR lost princess, weary and worn,
Came over the down by the wind-washed moor,
And the king looked out on her grace forlorn,

Shepherds All And Maidens Fair

PIPE, shepherds, pipe, the summer's ripe;
So wreathe your crooks with flowers;
The world's in tune to Love and June,

The Jilted Lover To His Mother

You needn't pray for me, old lady, I don't want no one's prayer,
I'm fit and jolly as ever I was--you needn't think I care.

The Poet To His Love

ALL the flight of thoughts here, shy, bold, scared, intrusive,
Fluttering in the sun, between the green and blue,

A Song Of Trafalgar

LIKE an angry sun, like a splendid star,
War gleams down the long years' track;
They strain at the leash, the dogs of war,

Birthday Talk For A Child

DADDY dear, I'm only four
And I'd rather not be more:
Four's the nicest age to be--

The Ghost Bereft

THE poor ghost came through the wind and rain
And passed down the old dear road again.