Edmund Blunden

(1 November 1896 – 20 January 1974 / London / England)

Edmund Blunden Poems

If you see a poem only with title, it is listed that way because of copyright reasons.
1. Thiepval Wood 4/3/2010
2. The Midnight Skaters 4/3/2010
3. April Byeway 4/3/2010
4. Concert Party: Busseboom 4/3/2010
5. Pill-Box 4/3/2010
6. First Rhymes 4/3/2010
7. The Giant Puff-Ball 4/3/2010
8. To Joy 1/3/2003
9. Pillbox 4/3/2010
10. The Zonnebeke Road 4/3/2010
11. The Ancre At Hamel: Afterwards 4/3/2010
12. A Country God 4/3/2010
13. The Watchers 4/3/2010
14. Almswomen 4/3/2010
15. Perch Fishing 4/3/2010
16. Vlamertinghe: Passing The Chateau 1/3/2003
17. The Poor Man's Pig 4/3/2010
18. The Child's Grave 4/3/2010
19. Can You Remember? 4/3/2010
20. Chinese Paper Knife 11/19/2003
21. Premature Rejoicing 1/3/2003
22. At Senlis Once 1/3/2003
23. Harvest 1/3/2003
24. The Survival 1/3/2003
25. Forefathers 1/3/2003
26. The Midnight Skaters 1/3/2003
27. 1916 Seen From 1921 1/3/2003
28. Report On Experience 1/3/2003
29. Preparations For Victory 1/3/2003

Comments about Edmund Blunden

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  • Deanna Johnston Clark (8/4/2014 6:35:00 PM)

    About the biography here: I'm pretty sure Edmund's relationship with Aki Hayashi continued in England but soon ended, though he paid the bills and was kind to her. In this bio he continued to be with her even after his happy marriage to Claire. However, by then Aki was long back in Japan, so this needs mentioning.

  • Deanna Johnston Clark (8/2/2014 5:19:00 PM)

    Edmund is my favorite poet because he believes God created a perfect world, and that evil will not have the final say. Yet he carried the burden of this cross all his life in his grief, his asthma from the gas, and his emotional ups and downs. He was not a man with all the answers, but a man who took hold of God with faith and was certain that even through the struggles there would be a restoration of the paradise he, himself, experienced with the rustic, humble countryside.
    I love the poem describing the Sussex downs hovering over his childhood...and how climbing them never entered their heads. They were simply there to witness the life below as companions...not for conquest. Edmund Blunden has a special vision and gift for writing...a true message...not cynicism, not politics, not despair...but patient in love and caring for his big family well into age...very sweet. Blessings, friend!

Best Poem of Edmund Blunden

Preparations For Victory

My soul, dread not the pestilence that hags
The valley; flinch not you, my body young.
At these great shouting smokes and snarling jags
Of fiery iron; as yet may not be flung
The dice that claims you. Manly move among
These ruins, and what you must do, do well;
Look, here are gardens, there mossed boughs are hung
With apples who bright cheeks none might excel,
And there's a house as yet unshattered by a shell.

"I'll do my best," the soul makes sad reply,
"And I will mark the yet unmurdered tree,
The tokens of dear homes that court the eye,

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Premature Rejoicing

What's that over there?
Thiepval Wood.

Take a steady look at it; it'll do you good.
Here, these glasses will help you. See any flowers?
There sleeps Titania (correct - the Wood is ours);
There sleeps Titania in a deep dugout,
Waking, she wonders what all the din's about,

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