Edwin Arlington Robinson

(22 December 1869 – 6 April 1935 / Maine / United States)

Edwin Arlington Robinson Poems

121. George Crabbe 1/3/2003
122. Shadrach O'Leary 1/3/2003
123. Stafford's Cabin 1/3/2003
124. Thomas Hood 1/3/2003
125. Villanelle Of Change 1/3/2003
126. Partnership 1/3/2003
127. The Unforgiven 1/3/2003
128. How Annandale Went Out 1/3/2003
129. Calvary 1/3/2003
130. Her Eyes 1/3/2003
131. Peace On Earth 1/3/2003
132. Walt Whitman 1/3/2003
133. Neighbors 1/3/2003
134. Cliff Klingenhagen 1/3/2003
135. The Woman And The Wife 1/3/2003
136. Rembrandt To Rembrandt 1/3/2003
137. Fleming Helphenstine 1/3/2003
138. On The Night Of A Friend's Wedding 1/3/2003
139. For A Dead Lady 1/3/2003
140. Aunt Imogen 1/3/2003
141. Avon's Harvest 1/3/2003
142. The Mill 1/3/2003
143. Ben Trovato 1/3/2003
144. Firelight 1/3/2003
145. The Man Against The Sky 1/3/2003
146. Atherton's Gambit 1/3/2003
147. As A World Would Have It 1/3/2003
148. Alma Mater 1/3/2003
149. Dear Friends 1/3/2003
150. A Song At Shannon's 1/3/2003
151. The Dark Hills 1/3/2003
152. Ben Jonson Entertains A Man From Stratford 1/3/2003
153. New England 1/3/2003
154. An Evangelist's Wife 1/3/2003
155. The Children Of The Night 1/3/2003
156. Archibald's Example 1/3/2003
157. Bewick Finzer 1/3/2003
158. Luke Havergal 1/3/2003
159. Aaron Stark 1/3/2003
160. An Island 1/3/2003

Comments about Edwin Arlington Robinson

  • Michael Walker Michael Walker (2/11/2020 5:47:00 PM)

    Some say that his poetry is old-fashioned, slightly out of date.
    However, I find elegance, craftsmanship and psychological depth in
    Robinson's best poems. To me, his writing endures.

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  • betrufekni (9/24/2019 2:33:00 PM)

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  • richard borda (7/23/2018 12:35:00 PM)


    If silence is to avoid the restless crowd
    but go todepths where mystery abounds
    then return with kerygma loud
    tis not silence but heavenly sounds

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  • Christopher Gozdava (1/11/2012 1:20:00 PM)

    The poem A Happy Man is an example for me of poorly sounding, but a metrically correct poem. One more proof that it is not a form but a final pleasing outcome that makes any art valuable.

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Best Poem of Edwin Arlington Robinson

A Happy Man

When these graven lines you see,
Traveller, do not pity me;
Though I be among the dead,
Let no mournful word be said.

Children that I leave behind,
And their children, all were kind;
Near to them and to my wife,
I was happy all my life.

My three sons I married right,
And their sons I rocked at night;
Death nor sorrow never brought
Cause for one unhappy thought.

Now, and with no need of tears,
Here they leave me, full of years,--
Leave me to my quiet rest
In the region of the blest.

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Dear Friends

Dear Friends, reproach me not for what I do,
Nor counsel me, nor pity me; nor say
That I am wearing half my life away
For bubble-work that only fools pursue.
And if my bubbles be too small for you,
Blow bigger then your own: the games we play
To fill the frittered minutes of a day,
Good glasses are to read the spirit through.