Emily Dickinson

(10 December 1830 – 15 May 1886 / Amherst / Massachusetts)

Emily Dickinson Poems

1121. The Soul Selects Her Own Society 1/3/2003
1122. Absent Place&Mdash;An April Day 1/13/2003
1123. Angels, In The Early Morning 1/13/2003
1124. A Science&Mdash;So The Savants Say 1/13/2003
1125. A Wounded Deer&Mdash;Leaps Highest 1/13/2003
1126. From Cocoon Forth A Butterfly 1/13/2003
1127. A Toad Can Die Of Light! 1/1/2004
1128. Chartless 1/3/2003
1129. You left me—Sire—two Legacies 1/13/2003
1130. Bird 1/3/2003
1131. All But Death, Can Be Adjusted 1/13/2003
1132. Absence Disembodies—so Does Death 1/1/2004
1133. A Thought Went Up My Mind To-Day 5/14/2001
1134. You'Re Right— 1/1/2004
1135. A Nearness To Tremendousness 1/13/2003
1136. A Wife&Mdash;At Daybreak I Shall Be 1/13/2003
1137. Much Madness Is Divinest Sense 1/3/2003
1138. A Precious—mouldering Pleasure 1/1/2004
1139. Always Mine! 1/13/2003
1140. My Life Closed Twice 1/3/2003
1141. An Altered Look About The Hills 1/13/2003
1142. Behind Me Dips Eternity 1/13/2003
1143. I Felt A Funeral, In My Brain (280) 1/20/2003
1144. Again&Mdash;His Voice Is At The Door 1/13/2003
1145. To Make A Prairie (1755) 1/20/2003
1146. An English Breeze 5/14/2001
1147. A Still—volcano—life 1/1/2004
1148. A Solemn Thing Within The Soul 1/13/2003
1149. Adrift! A Little Boat Adrift! 1/13/2003
1150. Dying! Dying In The Night! 1/13/2003
1151. Will There Really Be A "Morning"? 1/13/2003
1152. I Dwell In Possibility 1/13/2003
1153. A Night&Mdash;There Lay The Days Between 1/13/2003
1154. As If The Sea Should Part 1/13/2003
1155. A Shade Upon The Mind There Passes 1/13/2003
1156. All The Letters I Can Write 1/13/2003
1157. By The Sea 1/3/2003
1158. A Prison Gets To Be A Friend 1/13/2003
1159. I Heard A Fly Buzz When I Died; 5/15/2001
1160. A Man May Make A Remark 1/13/2003

Comments about Emily Dickinson

  • Rohan R (7/29/2008 10:04:00 AM)

    One of the poets that hadn't noticed on early days. Generates philosophical
    messages in all her works

    18 person liked.
    21 person did not like.
  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (7/14/2008 3:54:00 AM)

    a gentle voice with a philosophy of life.

    20 person liked.
    20 person did not like.
  • Rosa Jamali (6/1/2008 2:30:00 PM)

    Philosophy and thoughts coming through poetry, so precious, the way she treats the words with a gentle decent vioce..

    19 person liked.
    22 person did not like.
  • okeydokey #3 (1/14/2008 3:23:00 AM)

    ...she is...my all time favorite...there was nobody...ever...that was better suited to write poetry...she is freaking amazing...

    17 person liked.
    28 person did not like.
  • Kristyn Sommers (10/13/2007 3:06:00 PM)

    Woah she looks like a dude!

    20 person liked.
    37 person did not like.
  • Dana Tyrrell (6/11/2006 8:02:00 PM)

    a truly amazing poet!

    23 person liked.
    22 person did not like.
  • Vikram Aarella - The Poem Shooter (6/1/2006 2:46:00 PM)

    It's really amazing the number of poems she has written.

    19 person liked.
    21 person did not like.
  • Uriah Hamilton (7/12/2005 9:01:00 AM)

    Quietly in her room,
    Emily Dickinson
    created a universe of poetry!

    22 person liked.
    22 person did not like.
  • Pickled Onion (1/29/2005 6:34:00 AM)

    Your poem reminded me of part of your surname

    15 person liked.
    29 person did not like.
  • Theodora Onken (1/16/2005 10:33:00 PM)

    I have always loved Emily Dickinson. She was so quiet and introspective, but had such a gentle gift with words. She spent many an Amherst day writing about the things that touched her so much, and of course, the bee, and nature were amongst her favorite topics. Her gift of writing was discovered later, which is a true shame.

    30 person liked.
    23 person did not like.
Best Poem of Emily Dickinson

Hope Is The Thing With Feathers

'Hope' is the thing with feathers—
That perches in the soul—
And sings the tune without the words—
And never stops—at all—

And sweetest—in the Gale—is heard—
And sore must be the storm—
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm—

I've heard it in the chillest land—
And on the strangest Sea—
Yet, never, in Extremity,
It asked a crumb—of Me.

Read the full of Hope Is The Thing With Feathers

I Send Two Sunsets


I send Two Sunsets—
Day and I—in competition ran—
I finished Two—and several Stars—
While He—was making One—

His own was ampler—but as I
Was saying to a friend—
Mine—is the more convenient
To Carry in the Hand—

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