Emily Myers

Rookie (January 23,1990)

Emily Myers Poems

1. World Of Lies 4/16/2007
2. Composition 42 4/16/2007
3. Play Me: I'M Your Piano 4/16/2007
4. Route Of Evanescence 4/16/2007
5. Breathing Vanity 4/16/2007
6. Bury The Corpse (Stifle The Scream) 4/16/2007
7. Death Of Grace 4/16/2007
8. The Irony Of Dreaming Is Dying 4/16/2007
9. Little Girl 4/16/2007
10. Hide And Seek 4/16/2007
11. No Escape 4/16/2007
12. Autumn's Last Stand 4/16/2007
13. Home 4/16/2007
14. Silent Night 4/16/2007
15. Beauty 4/16/2007
16. I Hear My Father's Life Singing 4/16/2007
17. Condemnation Station 4/16/2007
18. Between A Rock And A Mountain 4/16/2007
19. Murder Of The Butterfly 4/16/2007
20. Dawn's Battle 4/16/2007
21. Kaleidoscopic Eyes 4/23/2007
22. Murder In A Teardrop 4/23/2007
23. The Game Of Rape (Aka: My Father's Love) 4/26/2007
24. Anger Epidemic 9/13/2007
25. Suffocation Is Death 11/1/2007
26. Bipolar Dreams 11/5/2007
27. Silent Sobbing 4/16/2007
28. Curtained Eyes 4/16/2007
29. Elegant Falling 4/16/2007
30. Cemetary City 4/16/2007
31. Natural Rhythm 4/16/2007
32. Crumbs Of An Addict 2/3/2010
33. Alcoholic Mommy 2/3/2010
34. Toy Soldier 2/3/2010
35. Goodbye 2/3/2010
36. Dawn's Soul 2/3/2010
37. Cheat 5/21/2009
38. Void Within The Womb 5/21/2009
39. A Letter To Depression 11/15/2007
40. Starless Starless Night 4/16/2007

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Best Poem of Emily Myers

Lamb To The Slaughter

Put away your mercy and tools of perfect persuasion
Don't hold me here against my will on this oh so ordinary occasion
My secrets lie within me, there they shall stay until my grave
you're smothering the feelings to which i've become my own slave.
this chain and ball around me pull me underneath the water
Now you lead me like a lamb, by the hand to the slaughter
Innocent and naive what have i done to deserve this?
your grace is my death and i know i cannot escape it
you are so far away, how am i supposed to believe?
in something so unimaginable that i can't even ...

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Twisted Bed Sheets

I awaken alone; you’re not by my side
Every morning this is what I awaken to find
Only an endless dream, a figment of lust
I reach out to touch you, you slip away like dust
Midnight envelops me as I fall into sleep
Running through the rain of my nightmare’s scream
I see you up ahead of me, and finally we touch
I kiss you with passion, my heart you clutch
We settle into restless peace our time is running out

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