Erasmus Darwin
Elston / Nottinghamshire / England

Erasmus Darwin Poems

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The Linnet's Nest

The busy birds, with nice selection, cull
Soft thistle-down, gray moss, and scatter'd wool;
Far from each prying eye the nest prepare,

The Botanic Garden (Part V)

Descend, ye hovering Sylphs! aerial Quires,
And sweep with little hands your silver lyres;

To The Stars

Roll on, ye starts! exult in youthful prime,
Mark with bright curves the printless steps of time;

The Botanic Garden( Part Ii)

AND NOW THE GODDESS with attention sweet
Turns to the GNOMES, that circle round her feet;


Now stood Eliza on the wood-crowned height,
O'er Minden's plain, spectatress of the fight;
Sought, with bold eye, amid the bloody strife,

The Botanic Garden( Part I)

STAY YOUR RUDE STEPS! whose throbbing breasts infold
The legion-fiends of Glory, or of Gold!

The Botanic Garden (Part Iv)

As when at noon in Hybla's fragrant bowers
CACALIA opens all her honey'd flowers;

Visit Of Hope To Sydney Cove, Near Botany Bay

Where Sydney Cove her lucid bosom swells,
And with wide arms the indignant storm repels;
High on a rock amid the troubled air

The Botanic Garden( Part Iii)

AGAIN the GODDESS speaks!-glad Echo swells
The tuneful tones along her shadowy dells,

The Botanic Garden (Part Viii)

Now the broad Sun his golden orb unshrouds,
Flames in the west, and paints the parted clouds;