Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Fun Poems

Making Fun

Do you enjoy while making fun?
Do you fear while pointing a gun?
Where you ever chased or made a run?
If not, then you are exceptionally only one

Not For Fun

Talibanis* would have asked for his head
If his message was well read
If it was about sacred Kuran*
Think of reprisal and future plan

No Fun In

No fun in

What is fun now?
When I ran away

An Ambition Is Not Fun

Who may not want to have an ambition?
Even with many difficulties and on run?
Can any one extract it at the point of gun?
What if we cut a joke and make fun?

With Lots Of Fun

With lots of fun

Look at the nature
And reassure

No Fun At

No fun
Thursday,10th October 2019

No fun

Fun And Dance

Fun and dance

The life's best fun
It is not to run

No Fun

It is no fun
We should not be afraid of and run
If something is really meant to be
It will take place with the wishes of thee

No Fun At All

We try to reflect
And act
With the feelings
Of human beings

Worth With Fun

What does matter in life more?
We are aimlessly running after
Wealth, fame and above all good name
To boost the family back ground and claim

With Equal Fun

With equal fun

So nice sentiments
One feels at present

Fun For Us

I can’t even laugh
As path is felt so rough
What has happened today?
We have become ignorant all the way

No Fun In Life

Life is where it is supposed to be
It is the path you have chosen to be
Dark and bright sides are open to choice
Make full dash with full of promises

Play Fun And

Play fun and

I am in full mood
To share my love feelings and get understood

No Fun With Life

No fun with life
Wednesday,24th June 2020

No one can make fun

Equal Fun

With equal fun

So nice sentiments
One feels at present

Not Making Fun

Not making fun
Saturday,10th November 2018

Each day rises the sun

No Fun On The Line

No fun on line
Thursday,16th January 2020

It is no fun

No Joke Or Fun

Destined to be

It is not joke or fun
We should never get afraid if and run

Poetry Is No Fun

It is not ground run
Poetry is prayer
Just a pain killer