George Crabbe

(24 December 1754 - 3 February 1832 / Aldeburgh, Suffulk)

George Crabbe Poems

1. Tale Xix 4/16/2010
2. The Borough. Letter Xiv: Inhabitants Of The Alms-House. Life Of Blaney 4/16/2010
3. The Lady Of The Manor [Next Died The Lady] 11/23/2015
4. Inebriety 4/16/2010
5. The Poor Of The Borough. Letter Xx: Ellen Orford 4/16/2010
6. Woman! 4/16/2010
7. Tale Vii 4/16/2010
8. Tale Ii 4/16/2010
9. Tale V 4/16/2010
10. The Borough. Letter Vii: Professions--Physic 4/16/2010
11. The Borough. Letter X: Clubs And Social Meetings 4/16/2010
12. Reflections 4/16/2010
13. Tale Xii 4/16/2010
14. The Mother's Funeral 4/16/2010
15. The Borough. Letter Iv: Sects And Professions In Religion 4/16/2010
16. Tale Xviii 4/16/2010
17. Tale Xx 4/16/2010
18. Tale Ix 4/16/2010
19. Tale Iv 4/16/2010
20. Tale X 4/16/2010
21. Tale Xi 4/16/2010
22. The Borough. Letter Xii: Players 4/16/2010
23. The Borough. Letter Xviii: The Poor And Their 4/16/2010
24. The Borough. Letter V: The Election 4/16/2010
25. Tale Viii 4/16/2010
26. Tale Iii 4/16/2010
27. The Borough. Letter Xxiv: Schools 4/16/2010
28. Tale Xv 4/16/2010
29. Tale Xvi 4/16/2010
30. Tale Xxi 4/16/2010
31. An English Peasant 4/16/2010
32. The Borough. Letter Ix: Amusements 4/16/2010
33. The Borough. Letter Xi: Inns 4/16/2010
34. The Borough. Letter Xiii: The Alms-House And Trustees 4/16/2010
35. The Borough. Letter Xix: The Parish-Clerk 4/16/2010
36. The Borough. Letter Viii: Trades 4/16/2010
37. The Borough. Letter Vi: Professions--Law 4/16/2010
38. The Borough. Letter Iii: The Vicar--The Curate 4/16/2010
39. The Borough. Letter Xvi: Inhabitants Of The Alms-House. Benlow 4/16/2010
40. The Library 4/16/2010

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Best Poem of George Crabbe

The Borough. Letter Xxii: Peter Grimes

Old Peter Grimes made fishing his employ,
His wife he cabin'd with him and his boy,
And seem'd that life laborious to enjoy:
To town came quiet Peter with his fish,
And had of all a civil word and wish.
He left his trade upon the sabbath-day,
And took young Peter in his hand to pray:
But soon the stubborn boy from care broke loose,
At first refused, then added his abuse:
His father's love he scorn'd, his power defied,
But being drunk, wept sorely when he died.

Yes! then he wept, and to his mind there came
Much of his ...

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Late Wisdom

WE'VE trod the maze of error round,
   Long wandering in the winding glade;
And now the torch of truth is found,
   It only shows us where we strayed:
By long experience taught, we know--
   Can rightly judge of friends and foes;
Can all the worth of these allow,
   And all the faults discern in those.

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