George Henry Boker

(October 6, 1823 – January 2, 1890 / United States)

George Henry Boker Poems

1. A Ballad Of Sir John Franklin 9/4/2010
2. Ad Poetas 9/4/2010
3. Before Vicksburg 9/4/2010
4. Dirge For A Soldier 9/4/2010
5. Dragoon's Song 9/4/2010
6. Sonnet Ccxlix: 'I Cannot Tell Thee When My Heart Began' 9/4/2010
7. Sonnet Lxxii: 'Ah! Could I Ever Grow In Some Remote Degree' 9/4/2010
8. Sonnet Xxii: 'some Hearts Prevail By Action; Some Have Skill' 9/4/2010
9. Sonnet Xxiv: 'Farewell Once More,--And Yet Again Farewell!' 9/4/2010
10. Sonnet C: 'For Life And Death To Me Are So Akin' 9/4/2010
11. Sonnet Cc: 'If We Were Fashioned To Be Ignorant' 9/4/2010
12. Sonnet Ccci: 'Mere Love, The Common Commerce Of The Earth' 9/4/2010
13. Sonnet Cccii: 'My Lady's Birthday Rises Golden Fair' 9/4/2010
14. Sonnet Ccciii: 'I Bend And Kiss Thee; 'Tis A Little Thing' 9/4/2010
15. Sonnet Ccciv: Thy Birthday Opened With Artillery;-- 9/4/2010
16. Sonnet Cccix: The Years Repeat Themselves; And Now, Once More, 9/4/2010
17. Sonnet Cccv: Darling, To Say I Love Thee, Is To Say 9/4/2010
18. Sonnet Cccv: In Lingering Winter Was My Darling Born, 9/4/2010
19. Sonnet Cccvi: Thy Birthday Ends A Year Of Grief And Pain, 9/4/2010
20. Sonnet Cccvii: These Blows Of Fate That Shake Our Troubled Life, 9/4/2010
21. Sonnet Cccviii: Love Sat At Ease Upon Time's Bony Knee; 9/4/2010
22. Sonnet Cccx:I Mark Not Seasons By The Calendar; 9/4/2010
23. Sonnet Cccxi:Like To A Flock Of Birds, The Flying Days 9/4/2010
24. Sonnet Cccxii:Another Year Has Passed Us, While The Earth 9/4/2010
25. Sonnet Cccxiii: 9/4/2010
26. Sonnet Cci: 9/4/2010
27. Sonnet Ccii: 9/4/2010
28. Sonnet Cciii: 9/4/2010
29. Sonnet Cciv: 9/4/2010
30. Sonnet Ccix: 9/4/2010
31. Sonnet Ccl: 9/4/2010
32. Sonnet Ccli: 9/4/2010
33. Sonnet Cclii: 9/4/2010
34. Sonnet Ccliii: 9/4/2010
35. Sonnet Ccliv: 9/4/2010
36. Sonnet Cclix: 9/4/2010
37. Sonnet Cclv: 9/4/2010
38. Sonnet Cclvi: 9/4/2010
39. Sonnet Cclvii: 9/4/2010
40. Sonnet Cclviii: 9/4/2010

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Best Poem of George Henry Boker

Sonnet Xxx:


When all the labors of the day are past,
And on the world-exposed and fretted edge
Of my sad soul, like doves upon the ledge
Of yonder roof, my cares, with wings closed fast,
Doze into night; and from the future cast
Of my dark life I ask no cheering pledge,
No growing plume, hope's broken wing to fledge;
Content, if that dear hour will only last;
'Twere meet, that in this respite of the heart,
Some heavenward look, some thankful thought were given
To the great hand, that out of discord even,
Shapes my brief rest. But stubborn in the part ...

Read the full of Sonnet Xxx:

Before Vicksburg

While Sherman stood beneath the hot test fire,
That from the lines of Vicksburg gleamed,
And bomb-shells tumbled in their smoky gyre,
And grape-shot hissed, and case-shot screamed;
Back from the front there came,
Weeping and sorely lame,
The merest child, the youngest face
Man ever saw in such a fearful place.

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