Bijay Kant Dubey Giving Poems

In Giving My Heart To, Felt It She Simply

Why is,
Why is this fear,
Why is this anxiety
Overtaking me

Humanity's Books I Am Giving It To Humanity

Humanity's books I am handing over to humanity
As these are not mine,
What shall I do with
If none is to take care of?


Is it your good policy
To make them drink,
Destroy their families
By opening liquor shops

He is fathering
One after another
And is saying
God is giving,

Bangladesh is now-a-days
Giving free hands
To fundamentalists and fanatics,
Religious bigots and zealots

Have you,
Have you ever
Thought of

The Antique Statue Of Raha And Krishna I Am Giving

You keep it,keep it
The antique statue of Radha and Krishna
I am giving,
You keep, keep, just keep it

You fathering more and more
And saying,
God is giving,
Allah is giving,


He is producing one child after another
And saying,
God is giving,
The Giver of it,

The Old Man Giving Tips (In The Memory Of Khushwant Singh)

The old man giving tips,
Good vibes
With regard to healthy life and living,
The art of living,

If short of money, how will they
Contest elections
As M.L.As., M.Ps., M.L.Cs
To sit in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha,

Giving tension to us
Letting us pass sleepless nights,
Making the pockets moneyless,
With no money int eh pocket,

Meri pocket mein white money hain,
Hath dene she bhi koyi labh nahin, bhaiyya,
Black money jo nahin milega,
Mein Seth Kirorimal Jo nahin?

Giving My Heart To You, I Have Started Loving You

Giving my heart
To you,
I started loving

Giving My Heart To You, Think I, What Did I Do?

Giving my heart,
My heart to you,
Think I,
Think I

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