Hardik Vaidya

Rookie - 431 Points [http://hardikvaidya.blogspot.in] (26 Dec 1969, I won't be dead till you know I am alive. / Mahuva, Gujarat, India.)

Hardik Vaidya Poems

161. Gurudakshina To Haripada Halder 3/10/2013
162. Haaraate Paaree Nee - I Have Not Managed To Loose It - Bangla Poem With English Translation. 3/13/2013
163. Happiness Is A State Of Mind 2/24/2013
164. Happy Diwali 2013. 11/14/2013
165. Happy Easter 3/29/2013
166. Happy Holi - Different Folks Different Strokes. 3/26/2013
167. Har Hathelee Par - On Every Palm 8/4/2014
168. Henna 2/8/2013
169. Heretic 2/2/2013
170. Hey America You Stole From Our Rikshawala 3/6/2013
171. Hey Its Me 3/19/2013
172. Hey Wassup? 3/23/2013
173. Hindi Aur Meree Pehchaan 11/14/2013
174. Hiroshima 3/21/2013
175. Hope In The Traffic Of Life. 1/26/2013
176. Horses In My Mind. 2/7/2013
177. Houston I Have A Problem. 3/26/2013
178. How Are You? 8/10/2014
179. How To Write A Poem 3/5/2013
180. I Am Angry, So What? ? ? 3/20/2013
181. I Do Not Know What Is The Cause. 12/1/2013
182. I Do Not Wish To Utter - A Gujarati Poem With English Translation. 12/1/2013
183. I Do Not Wish. 11/14/2013
184. I Gift You 7 Heavens 5/7/2013
185. I Want To Be A Common Dumb Man 3/16/2013
186. I Want To Be A Cow 2/18/2013
187. I Want To Be A Unknown Brook 3/21/2013
188. I Want To Be A Vagabond 3/13/2013
189. I Want To Count The Foot Falls On The Mall Of My Mind 4/2/2013
190. I Will Shall Then Not Exist. 12/17/2013
191. I Will No Longer Be A Buyer. 3/28/2013
192. Ichha / Khwaahish / Wish - Hindi Poem - English Translation. 3/15/2013
193. Ideas 2/3/2013
194. If I Am Dead 2/22/2013
195. If I Did Not Deserve You 2/20/2013
196. Immortality 8/29/2014
197. Improbables 3/18/2013
198. In Appreciation Of Poet Joshua D Fegley 2/23/2013
199. In Appreciation Of Poetry By Lance Uppercutt 2/15/2013
200. Incredulos India 3/28/2013
Best Poem of Hardik Vaidya

Creativity / Being Original

What is being creative?
Nature creates, we pro create.
What is being original?
The answer is quite simple.
There is only one you.
A permutation of DNA that won't be ever again true.
Therefore only you can be you.
If you dare to be you,
Provided you find your you,
And live your true,
Speak your own,
Make love to what's grown,
Blossom into the tree in your seed,
Does not matter if its a rosé or a creepy weed,
As long as its what it is,
And you are not ashamed of its drip,
You have created a Masterpiece.

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The Eternal Need

The eternal need:

The vast expanse of your limitless eyes
Do not quench but fuel my eternal need
The gaze they hold entwined between them
Do not quench but fuel my primeval desire
The dark depth of theirs, pregnant with promise
Do not quench but spark a wild fire in my being
As if burning through millennia, relentless, biblical.

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