Herman Melville

(1 August 1819 – 28 September 1891 / New York City, New York)

Herman Melville Poems

81. Aurora Borealis 4/17/2010
82. The Berg (A Dream) 1/3/2003
83. We Fish 4/19/2010
84. Healed Of My Hurt 1/3/2003
85. The Portent 1/3/2003
86. The Martyr 4/19/2010
87. Formerly A Slave 4/17/2010
88. Shiloh - A Requiem 1/3/2003
89. The Maldive Shark 1/3/2003
90. Ball's Bluff: A Reverie 4/17/2010
91. Gold In The Mountain 1/3/2003
92. Gettysburg 1/20/2003
93. Misgivings 1/3/2003
94. America 1/3/2003
95. Art 1/3/2003

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    Herman Melville is an awesome guy who wrote a lot of awesome stuff.

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Best Poem of Herman Melville


In placid hours well-pleased we dream
Of many a brave unbodied scheme.
But form to lend, pulsed life create,
What unlike things must meet and mate:
A flame to melt--a wind to freeze;
Sad patience--joyous energies;
Humility--yet pride and scorn;
Instinct and study; love and hate;
Audacity--reverence. These must mate,
And fuse with Jacob's mystic heart,
To wrestle with the angel--Art.

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Shiloh - A Requiem

Skimming lightly, wheeling still,
The swallows fly low
Over the field in clouded days,
The forest-field of Shiloh --
Over the field where April rain
Solaced the parched one stretched in pain
Through the pause of night
That followed the Sunday fight
Around the church of Shiloh--

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