(Disputed - c 850 B.C.E. / Disputed)

Homer Poems

41. The Iliad: Book 11 1/13/2003
42. The Iliad: Book 10 1/13/2003
43. The Iliad: Book 18 1/13/2003
44. The Iliad: Book 19 1/13/2003
45. The Iliad: Book 2 1/13/2003
46. The Iliad: Book 24 1/13/2003
47. The Iliad: Book 17 1/13/2003
48. The Iliad (Bk I) 1/1/2004
49. The Odyssey: Book 1 1/13/2003
50. The Iliad: Book 1 1/13/2003
Best Poem of Homer

The Iliad: Book 1

Sing, O goddess, the anger of Achilles son of Peleus, that brought
countless ills upon the Achaeans. Many a brave soul did it send
hurrying down to Hades, and many a hero did it yield a prey to dogs
and vultures, for so were the counsels of Jove fulfilled from the
day on which the son of Atreus, king of men, and great Achilles, first
fell out with one another.
And which of the gods was it that set them on to quarrel? It was the
son of Jove and Leto; for he was angry with the king and sent a
pestilence upon the host to plague the people, because the son of
Atreus ...

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The Odyssey: Book 3

But as the sun was rising from the fair sea into the firmament of
heaven to shed Blight on mortals and immortals, they reached Pylos the
city of Neleus. Now the people of Pylos were gathered on the sea shore
to offer sacrifice of black bulls to Neptune lord of the Earthquake.
There were nine guilds with five hundred men in each, and there were
nine bulls to each guild. As they were eating the inward meats and
burning the thigh bones [on the embers] in the name of Neptune,
Telemachus and h

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