Edgar Albert Guest House Poems

Making The House A Home

Here's our story, page by page,
Happy youth and middle-age,
Smile and tear-drop, weal and woe
Such as all who live must know-

Our House

WE play at our house and have all sorts of fun,
An' there's always a game when supper is done;
An' at our house there's marks on the walls an' the stairs,

A New Baby In The House

Something to talk about, something to do,
Something to laugh at the whole day through,
Something to look at with pride and with glee,
Something for friends to come in just to see;


Time was when spring returned we went
To find another home to rent;
We wanted fresher, cleaner walls,

A Warm House And A Ruddy Fire

A warm house and a ruddy fire,
To what more can man aspire?
Eyes that shine with love aglow,

When There's Health In The House

When there's good health In the house, there is laughter everywhere,
And the skies are bright and sunny and the roads are smooth and fair,
For the mother croons her ditties, and the father hums a song.
Although heavy be his burdens, he can carry them along.