Bijay Kant Dubey İnnocence Poems

Loss Of Innocence

Having lost my innocence,
How sinful have I grown,
How much sinful am I, my lord,
Having lost my innocence,

Orhan Pamuk, What Is In His The Museum Of Innocence?

Orhan Pamuk's museum,
What is in his museum,
Let us see it
Moving into.

Losing My Innocence And Ignorance

How sinful
Have I become,
My innocence,

Mark Her Innocence

Love her, but leave her not
After loving her
As an innocent girl knows she not
The unknown and untrodden paths of love.

Your Innocence And Ignorance

Had I come to know your innocence and ignorance,
Had I your poor soul and heart,
Had I your guileless heart
And simplicity,