Bijay Kant Dubey İnspiration Poems

My Inspiration Are You, The Day I Saw You

My inspiration are you,
Only you,
Since I saw you,
Since then

Goggleswalli, You Are My Inspiration

You are my inspiration,
Inspiration, the inspiration of my art,
An art-piece,
A model,


Your Rajneeshite disciple
Looking like a yogan,
A sadhvi

Inspiration Is Dead In Me

Inspiration is dead in me
Even though instil you hope,
You go on with your inspiration
Drawing from,

My Prerna, Inspiration/ A Cup Of Coffee And The Girl Before

A cup of coffee
And the girl before,
Should I sip warm coffee
Or see the girl,

My Inspiration

My inspiration
Are you, my sweetheart,
Young, romantic and colourful,
Creative and fanciful.

A Young Girl Is A Source Of Inspiration, Isn'T It?

A young girl is a source of inspiration,
Isn't it
As everybody likes
To see


You say it please, how to be a poet and get poetic inspiration
In the absence of an English or American beloved?
An American wife or an English lady, want I for to be a poet
And take it for, if comes she not, my poetry will not burst forth.

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