James Whitcomb Riley

(7 October 1849 - 22 July 1916 / Greenfield, Indiana)

James Whitcomb Riley Poems

121. When Age Comes On 4/9/2010
122. James Whitcomb Riley 3/12/2015
123. Right Here At Home 4/9/2010
124. Red Riding-Hood 4/9/2010
125. The Sphinx 4/9/2010
126. The Watches Of The Night 4/9/2010
127. The Pixy People 4/9/2010
128. The Rain 4/9/2010
129. The Old Trundle-Bed 4/9/2010
130. The Lost Kiss 4/9/2010
131. The Lugubrious Whing-Whang 4/9/2010
132. The Days Gone By 4/9/2010
133. The Happy Little Cripple 4/9/2010
134. The Blossoms On The Trees 4/9/2010
135. The Circus-Day Parade 4/9/2010
136. The Old Home By The Mill 4/9/2010
137. The Runaway Boy 4/9/2010
138. The Little Lady 4/9/2010
139. To Robert Burns 4/9/2010
140. Up And Down Old Brandywine 4/9/2010
141. Squire Hawkins's Story 4/9/2010
142. The Treasure Of The Wise Man 4/9/2010
143. The Lost Thrill 4/9/2010
144. The Loehrs And The Hammonds 4/9/2010
145. The Legend Glorified 4/9/2010
146. The Little Fat Doctor 4/9/2010
147. The Old Hay-Mow 4/9/2010
148. The Good, Old-Fashioned People 4/9/2010
149. Say Something To Me 4/9/2010
150. The Brook-Song 4/9/2010
151. Song Of Parting 4/9/2010
152. The Iron Horse 4/9/2010
153. The Old Retired Sea Captain 4/9/2010
154. The Home-Going 4/9/2010
155. We Must Get Home 4/9/2010
156. The Nine Little Goblins 4/9/2010
157. The Funny Little Fellow 4/9/2010
158. The Rival 1/4/2003
159. The Rapture Of The Year 1/3/2003
160. The King 4/9/2010

Comments about James Whitcomb Riley

  • Catharine Dee (3/10/2012 2:21:00 PM)

    Date of birth listed above is wrong. It's October 7th not the 9th.

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  • Stella Mary (1/3/2012 5:00:00 AM)

    I read your poems and it was good.

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  • Tony Judson (9/15/2006 8:21:00 AM)

    James I read your 'poem of the day' and I think it is brilliant! your sense of rythmn & rhyme is beautiful and your poetic license with spelling and alliteration is superb.
    It makes wish I could have been the fly on the wall in a meeting between you and the late Ogden Nash- Keep it up Cheers Tony Judson

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  • Carolyn Binkley (10/6/2005 6:47:00 PM)

    James Whitcomb Riley is by far one of my favorite poets of all time. I love his imagery, his imagination, his rhyme and rhythm. And most of all I love his sense of 'simple' and his connection to the nature in all of us. He cleverly plays with that which is real, unlike Lewis Carroll who cleverly plays with that which is not.

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Best Poem of James Whitcomb Riley

A Life-Lesson

There! little girl; don't cry!
They have broken your doll, I know;
And your tea-set blue,
And your play-house, too,
Are things of the long ago;
But childish troubles will soon pass by. --
There! little girl; don't cry!

There! little girl; don't cry!
They have broken your slate, I know;
And the glad, wild ways
Of your schoolgirl days
Are things of the long ago;
But life and love will soon come by. --
There! little girl; don't cry!

There! little girl; don't cry!
They have broken your heart I know;
And the rainbow gleams ...

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Our Hired Girl

1 Our hired girl, she's 'Lizabuth Ann;
2 An' she can cook best things to eat!
3 She ist puts dough in our pie-pan,
4 An' pours in somepin' 'at's good an' sweet;
5 An' nen she salts it all on top
6 With cinnamon; an' nen she'll stop
7 An' stoop an' slide it, ist as slow,
8 In th' old cook-stove, so's 'twon't slop
9 An' git all spilled; nen bakes it, so

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