Jean Ingelow

[Orris] (17 March 1820 - 20 July 1897 / Boston, Lincolnshire)

Jean Ingelow Poems

1. A Cottage In A Chine 3/10/2010
2. A Dead Year 3/10/2010
3. A Mother Showing The Portrait Of Her Child 3/10/2010
4. A Parson's Letter To A Young Poet 5/14/2012
5. A Sea Song 3/10/2010
6. A Song In Three Parts 5/14/2012
7. A Story Of Doom: Book I. 5/14/2012
8. A Story Of Doom: Book Ii. 5/14/2012
9. A Story Of Doom: Book Iii. 5/14/2012
10. A Story Of Doom: Book Iv. 5/14/2012
11. A Story Of Doom: Book Ix. 5/14/2012
12. A Story Of Doom: Book V. 5/14/2012
13. A Story Of Doom: Book Vi. 5/14/2012
14. A Story Of Doom: Book Vi. 5/14/2012
15. A Story Of Doom: Book Vi. 5/14/2012
16. A Story Of Doom: Book Vii. 5/14/2012
17. A Story Of Doom: Book Viii. 5/14/2012
18. A Vine-Arbour In The Far West 5/14/2012
19. A Wedding Song 3/10/2010
20. A Winter Song 5/14/2012
21. Afternoon At A Parsonage 5/14/2012
22. An Ancient Chess Set 3/10/2010
23. Brothers, And A Sermon 3/10/2010
24. Compensation 5/14/2012
25. Contrasted Songs: A Lily And The Lute 5/14/2012
26. Contrasted Songs: Remonstrance 5/14/2012
27. Contrasted Songs: Song For The Night Of Christ's Resurrection 5/14/2012
28. Contrasted Songs: Song Of The Going Away 5/14/2012
29. Divided 3/10/2010
30. Dora 5/14/2012
31. Echo And The Ferry 5/14/2012
32. Fancy 5/14/2012
33. Grand Is The Leisure Of The Earth 3/10/2010
34. Honours - Part 2 3/10/2010
35. Honours - Part1 3/10/2010
36. If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem 5/14/2012
37. Kismet 5/14/2012
38. Laurance - [part 2] 5/14/2012
39. Laurance - [part 3] 5/14/2012
40. Like A Laverock In The Lift 3/10/2010

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Best Poem of Jean Ingelow

A Sea Song

Old Albion sat on a crag of late,
And sung out—'Ahoy! ahoy!
Long life to the captain, good luck to the mate,
And this to my sailor boy!
Come over, come home,
Through the salt sea foam,
My sailor, my sailor boy.

'Here's a crown to be given away, I ween,
A crown for my sailor's head,
And all for the worth of a widowed queen,
And the love of the noble dead,
And the fear and fame
Of the island's name
Where my boy was born and bred.

'Content thee, content thee, let it alone,
Thou marked for a choice so rare;
Though treaties be treaties, ...

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Song Of The Old Love

When sparrows build, and the leaves break forth,
My old sorrow wakes and cries,
For I know there is dawn in the far, far north,
And a scarlet sun doth rise;
Like a scarlet fleece the snow-field spreads,
And the icy founts run free,
And the bergs begin to bow their heads,
And plunge, and sail in the sea.

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