Joanna Baillie

(1762-1851 / Scotland)

Joanna Baillie Poems

161. Sir Maurice 4/15/2010
162. On Time 4/15/2010
163. On A Sprig Of Heath 4/15/2010
164. On Burning A Packet Of Letters Received From A Friend At An Early Period Of Life, Whose Correspondence Had Lapsed Into Silence, And Whose Friendship Into Apathy. 4/15/2010
165. Lines To Agnes Baillie On Her Birthday 4/15/2010
166. Fy, Let Us A’ To The Wedding 4/15/2010
167. Lines On The Death Of William Sotheby, Esq 4/15/2010
168. A Song Written For An Irish Melody 4/15/2010
169. A Sailor’s Song 4/15/2010
170. A Hymn For The Kirk 4/15/2010
171. To A Friend, On His Wedding-Day 4/15/2010
172. To A Child 4/15/2010
173. To The Lark 4/15/2010
174. Hope And Memory 4/15/2010
175. A Portrait 4/15/2010
176. Devotional Song For A Negro Child 4/15/2010
177. Address To A Steam-Vessel 4/15/2010
178. Lines To A Parrot 4/15/2010
179. Song #8 4/15/2010
180. William Wallace 4/15/2010
181. The Outlaw's Song 1/4/2003
182. A Character 4/15/2010
183. On Memory 4/15/2010
184. Lines To A Teapot 4/15/2010
185. A Disappointment 4/15/2010
186. A Hymn 4/15/2010
187. Belshazzar’s Feast 4/15/2010
188. London 4/15/2010
189. A Mother To Her Waking Infant 4/15/2010
190. Hay-Making 4/15/2010
191. To The Rainbow 4/15/2010
192. Song, Woo’d And Married And A’ 4/15/2010
193. A Summer Day 4/15/2010
194. A Child To His Sick Grandfather 4/15/2010
195. A Winter Day 4/15/2010

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Best Poem of Joanna Baillie

A Winter Day

The cock, warm roosting 'midst his feather'd dames,
Now lifts his beak and snuffs the morning air,
Stretches his neck and claps his heavy wings,
Gives three hoarse crows, and glad his talk is done;
Low, chuckling, turns himself upon the roost,
Then nestles down again amongst his mates.
The lab'ring hind, who on his bed of straw,
Beneath his home-made coverings, coarse, but warm,
Lock'd in the kindly arms of her who spun them,
Dreams of the gain that next year's crop should bring;
Or at some fair disposing of his wool,
Or by some lucky and unlook'd-for ...

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A Hymn

O LORD supreme, whose works so fair,
Sublime and varied, every where
The gazing eye delight!
Thy wisdom, power, and love, the day
Doth in its splendid course display,
As doth the glorious night,
We look upon the ocean wide,
Where ships upon the billows ride,
And sea-birds wing the air,

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