John Banim Poems

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The Irish Soldier

The Irish soldier, cast for fight,
Stood to his arms at dead of night,
Watching the east, until its ray

The Irish Mother To Her Child

Now welcome, welcome, baby--boy, unto a mother's fears,
The pleasure of her sufferings, the rainbow of her t ...

The Parley

Ours is no quarrel that will not be ended--
Ours are not hearts to hate on to the las ...

Chaunt Of The Cholera

From my proper clime and subjects,
In my hot and swarthy East,
North and Westward I am coming
For a conquest and a feast-

Soggarth Aroon

Am I the slave they say,
Soggarth aroon?
Since you did show the way,

The Irish Priest’s Song

Men who for the land do toil,
Humble brethren of our soil,

The New Reformation

Oh, did you hear
What roaring cheer,
What brave new coats ...

The Celt’s Paradise. First Duan

OSSIAN. Man of prayers, lead me forth
From our silent cell of care,
The morning--breeze to me is worth
All thy hymns and all thy prayer--

The Celt’s Paradise. Fourth Duan

And yet beneath that happy sky,
Was heard one ever--during sigh,
One heart of sadness there was known,
One voice of sorrow wept alone,

The Celt’s Paradise. Second Duan

I went and came. The wild--wood tree,
Again spread out my canopy.
I could not sleep. I sat in grief
And listened to the rustling leaf.

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