Joseph T. Renaldi Poems

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Life After Graduation

Graduates - go forth and think positively about the future,
Even though the world is an unpredictable place
With everyday conflicts and disputes hovering over you.
A right attitude will enable you to cope and face.

Something About Christmas

There is something about Christmas,
In Santa Claus and twinkling trees,
In the joy and laughter of every child,
People kneeling in prayer on arthritic knees.


My darling.
The twilight shadows will soon fall,
I hear the bugle's shrill call,
And my thoughts are meandering far,

A Child Should Have A Pet

Every little child should have a pet -
And be responsible for its care and to love,
A dog, a bunny, a parakeet, a pony, a turtle,
Or any other pet not mentioned above.

America's Plight

Beware American's of the threat at hand,
The terrorist plot to destroy our land.
It is not the fear of the Al Qaeda or Taliban,
But those radical forces that are part of the evil plan.

The Lighthouse

A lighthouse stands near the rugged shore
To warn ships of the dangerous rocks and waves,
And aiding them from going astray,
Guiding them to a safer way.

Signs Of Spring

The gurgling brook, the rushing stream,
The hail, the wind, the gale,
The Winter season begins to wane,
Spring emerges in the hills and vale.

An Old-Fashioned Birthday

It's an old-fashioned birthday
that I'm thinking of
when colorful ballons and confetti
come falling down from above.

A Child Is Like A Flowering Rose

Like the flowering stages of a rose
preparing to bloom in the Spring,
the rearing of a child
is a meticulous and sensitive thing.

Time Marches On

Time continues to march on
with all the trials and tribulations,
So live today as the last with joy,
and control the tempo of your speculations.