(1440 - 1518 / Pratapgar, Uttar Pradesh, India)

Kabir Poems

41. Tell Me Brother 3/30/2010
42. Do Not Go To The Garden Of Flowers 5/2/2012
43. Friend, Wake Up! Why Do You Go On Sleeping? 5/2/2012
44. Where Spring, The Lord Of The Seasons 3/30/2010
45. O My Heart! The Supreme Spirit 3/30/2010
46. Lamps Burn In Every House 3/30/2010
47. The Swan Flies Away 3/30/2010
48. The River And Its Waves Are One 3/30/2010
49. To What Shore Would You Cross 3/30/2010
50. I Laugh When I Hear That The Fish In The Water Is Thirsty 5/2/2012
51. Hey Brother, Why Do You Want Me To Talk? 5/2/2012
52. When He Himself Reveals Himself 3/30/2010
53. The Bhakti Path 3/30/2010
54. I Played Day And Night 3/30/2010
55. The Time Before Death 3/30/2010
56. Friend, Hope For The Guest While You Are Alive 5/2/2012
57. The Light Of The Sun 3/30/2010
58. I Have Been Thinking 3/30/2010
59. Having Crossed The River 5/2/2012
60. I Burst Into Laughter 5/2/2012
61. O How May I Ever Express That Secret Word? 3/30/2010
62. Hiding In This Cage 5/2/2012
63. Tell Me, O Swan, Your Ancient Tale 3/30/2010
64. Brother, I'Ve Seen Some 5/2/2012
65. The Last Flight 1/1/2004
66. When You Were Born In This World - Dohas Ii 1/1/2004
67. Between The Poles Of The Conscious 3/30/2010
68. Tentacles Of Time 1/1/2004
69. There's A Moon Inside My Body 1/1/2004
70. I Said To The Wanting-Creature Inside Me 1/1/2004
71. Looking At The Grinding Stones - Dohas (Couplets) I 1/1/2004
72. Are You Looking For Me? 3/30/2010
73. Where Do You Search Me 1/1/2004
74. Illusion And Reality 1/1/2004
75. Abode Of The Beloved 1/1/2004

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    Nice Information

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    forcing one to watch adds that run for a couple minutes on every page kind of sucks

  • Vinita (7/7/2018 4:20:00 AM)

    I am looking for a poem by Saint Kabir which was translated by Guru Rabindranath Tagore which you will find here in this link – http: //www.sacred-texts.com/hin/sok/sok094.htm. I need the Hindi version. If anyone has it please mail me.

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  • Joseph Jeremiah Naye Joseph Jeremiah Naye (6/16/2015 9:40:00 AM)

    A very puzzling poem, short but not lacking in suspense. Naye Joseph.

  • Gangadharan Nair Pulingat (7/6/2014 3:57:00 AM)

    A great saint poet of India who stood for peace, kindness, and brotherhood.

  • V P Mahur V P Mahur (1/27/2014 3:02:00 AM)

    A poet unique in his vision and great soul forever.

Best Poem of Kabir

Abode Of The Beloved

Oh Companion That Abode Is Unmatched,
Where My Complete Beloved Is.

In that Place There Is No Happiness or Unhappiness,
No Truth or Untruth
Neither Sin Nor Virtue.
There Is No Day or Night, No Moon or Sun,
There Is Radiance Without Light.

There Is No Knowledge or Meditation
No Repetition of Mantra or Austerities,
Neither Speech Coming From Vedas or Books.
Doing, Not-Doing, Holding, Leaving
All These Are All Lost Too In This Place.

No Home, No Homeless, Neither Outside or Inside,
Micro and Macrocosm Are Non-Existent.
Five ...

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Tentacles Of Time

Sadho Ye Murdon Ka Gaon
Peer Mare, Pygambar Mari Hain
Mari Hain Zinda Jogi
Raja Mari Hain, Parja Mari Hain
Mari Hain Baid Aur Rogi
Chanda Mari Hain, Suraj Mari Hain
Mari Hain Dharni Akasa
Chaudan Bhuvan Ke Chaudhry Mari Hain

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