Edgar Albert Guest Lonely Poems

The Lonely Old Fellow

The roses are bedded for winter, the tulips are planted for spring;
The robins and martins have left us; there are only the sparrows to sing.
The garden seems solemnly silent, awaiting its blankets of snow,

The Lonely Garden

I WONDER what the trees will say,
The trees that used to share his play,
An' knew him as the little lad


The walls have seemed to say to me
Where have the sticky fingers gone
That always found their way to me,
And left their prints to gaze upon.

The Lonely Fight

IT'S easy to be right when the multitude is cheering,
It is easy to have courage when you're fighting with the throng;
But it's altogether different when the multitude is sneering
To fight for what you know is right with no one else along.

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