Abdul Wahab Mirror Poems


Oh! Mirror the most loveable, cunning queen
You reflect in mostly whatever you have seen.
Face is the mirror of the soul
Literature is the face of the society as a whole

>≫≫Megical Mirror

I am a proud owner of a magical mirror
Once dropped by an angel at my door
When I saw it I am a little bit frightened
As it shows me the fierce dragon

Mirror (New)

You look into me
You see yourself instead of me
I am true to the fact
And can not lie

Mirror (Ii)

Too many things
Come at a time, makes it heavy
With stern face, I face you
And the world, you don't have time

Magic Mirror

No one can reach to each corner of this world
Yet I know each of you
I know the angel doing what now
I know the devil in him conspiring to kill whom and how

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