Oliver Wendell Holmes

(1809-1894 / United States)

Oliver Wendell Holmes Poems

201. An Evening Thought 4/6/2010
202. An After-Dinner Poem 4/6/2010
203. Bryant’s Seventieth Birthday 4/6/2010
204. At The Pantomime 4/6/2010
205. All Here 4/6/2010
206. Hymn Read At The Dedication Of The Oliver Wendell Holmes Hospital At Hudson, Wisconsin 4/6/2010
207. Meeting Of The Alumni Of Harvard College 4/6/2010
208. After The Curfew 4/6/2010
209. Chanson Without Music 4/6/2010
210. Youth 4/6/2010
211. Musa 4/6/2010
212. A Voice Of The Loyal North 4/6/2010
213. A Toast To Wilkie Collins 4/6/2010
214. Robinson Of Leyden 4/6/2010
215. Tatarus 4/6/2010
216. The Broken Circle 4/6/2010
217. The September Gale 12/31/2002
218. The Dilemma 4/6/2010
219. Voyage Of The Good Ship Union 4/6/2010
220. Agnes 4/6/2010
221. James Russell Lowell 4/6/2010
222. In The Twilight 4/6/2010
223. Our Limitations 4/6/2010
224. Hail, Columbia! 4/6/2010
225. Remember--Forget 4/6/2010
226. Welcome To The Chicago Commercial Club 4/6/2010
227. From The Iron Gate 4/6/2010
228. For The Services In Memory Of Abraham Lincoln 4/6/2010
229. Poem Read At The Dinner Given To The Author By The Medical Profession Of The City Of New York, April 12, 1883 4/6/2010
230. The Banker’s Secret 4/6/2010
231. What We All Think 4/6/2010
232. Astraea: The Balance Of Illusions 4/6/2010
233. How The Old Horse Won The Bet 4/6/2010
234. De Sauty 4/6/2010
235. The Coming Era 4/6/2010
236. The Crooked Footpath 4/6/2010
237. The Archbishop And Gil Blas 4/6/2010
238. Hymn For The Class-Meeting 4/6/2010
239. At The Turn Of The Road 4/6/2010
240. A Souvenir 4/6/2010
Best Poem of Oliver Wendell Holmes

A Familiar Letter

YES, write, if you want to, there's nothing like trying;
Who knows what a treasure your casket may hold?
I'll show you that rhyming's as easy as lying,
If you'll listen to me while the art I unfold.

Here's a book full of words; one can choose as he fancies,
As a painter his tint, as a workman his tool;
Just think! all the poems and plays and romances
Were drawn out of this, like the fish from a pool!

You can wander at will through its syllabled mazes,
And take all you want, not a copper they cost,--
What is...

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The Dorchester Giant

THERE was a giant in time of old,
A mighty one was he;
He had a wife, but she was a scold,
So he kept her shut in his mammoth fold;
And he had children three.

It happened to be an election day,
And the giants were choosing a king;
The people were not democrats then,

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