Patrick White

Rookie (September l5, l948 / Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada)

Patrick White Poems

361. Could I Breathe The Stars 6/24/2012
362. The Young Poets Tell Me I'M Old 6/26/2012
363. Gentle The Stars And The Town Asleep 6/26/2012
364. I Can Still Hear The Reticent Echoes 6/26/2012
365. What Chains We Rattle 6/27/2012
366. When My Heart Isn'T A Hummingbird 7/7/2012
367. O No Witness To Me 7/7/2012
368. Hallowed Be The Gentleness Of A Pacified Mind 7/8/2012
369. Looking For Silence Like The Other Wing 7/8/2012
370. Fly On The Window 7/9/2012
371. Obliterations Of Beauty And We Weep 7/12/2012
372. Restless With The Dead Tonight 7/12/2012
373. If I Ever Get To Look Back On All Of This 7/12/2012
374. Garbage Bags On The Street At Dawn 7/14/2012
375. A Moment Away From The World, Please 7/14/2012
376. Even Before The Daylilies Have Re-Opened 7/15/2012
377. Getting Up 7/15/2012
378. If You Worry About Where You'Re Going 7/16/2012
379. Every Step I Take 7/16/2012
380. Everything On The Garbage Dump 7/17/2012
381. I Move Through The Shadows That Have Their Flowering Too 7/18/2012
382. I Don'T Think The Wind Sings For Me Alone 7/19/2012
383. Who Looks For The Sea By Following Its Waves? 7/20/2012
384. Not Again, Tonight, These Fin De Siecle Blues 7/21/2012
385. My Third Eye Opening Oceanically Of Its Own Accord 7/22/2012
386. When Imagination And Reality Are One 7/23/2012
387. I See You'Ve Made A Gate 7/23/2012
388. Like A River In Its Running, Like Life, Like Time, Like Mind 7/25/2012
389. The Grave Up Ahead Hasn'T Chastened My Longings 7/26/2012
390. The Leaves Sluicing The Rain Down The Back Of My Neck 7/28/2012
391. I Circumnavigated My Eyes 7/28/2012
392. If Only I Could Remember You As You Were 7/29/2012
393. I Love The World The Way A Mother Loves A Dead Child 7/31/2012
394. Silence And Solitude 7/31/2012
395. Not With The Eye, But Through It 8/1/2012
396. Up On Heartbreak Hill At Night 8/1/2012
397. Someone's Cut The Tongues Out Of The Bells Tonight 8/2/2012
398. The Voices Of Dead Friends, Departed Lovers 8/2/2012
399. It Took Me Light Years To Trust My Voice 8/3/2012
400. Get These Golden Nets, These Chains, Off Me 8/3/2012

Comments about Patrick White

  • i dont have a name (12/11/2017 6:38:00 PM)

    his poems are too long for my work

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  • Jonathan Platt (1/29/2013 12:57:00 PM)

    If you've never read Patrick White, prepare you mind for an off-the-planet voyage.

    Patrick has opened up new doorways of imagination...and once inside, he opens more.

Best Poem of Patrick White

You Are Crazy

You are crazy and beautiful
and wounded and wild
and the youngest daughter
of a coven of poetic sea-witches,
and dangerous as the moon in your changes,
the fragrance of night
hovering over the blue star-honey
of your seductive hive of candles,
the skulls you drink from naked,
anointing the fire
with libations of blood and wine,
dancing to the passionate lament
of ancient serpents
unfolding their wings
like eras in the lives of stars,
constellations that have come and gone like leaves,
seasons that are only distant ...

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Burning World, Take Me

Burning world, take me, fold me in your flaming arms
and let me disappear into the unforgiving night.
Among these blind, here, in their black eggs,
eyeless birds who nest in their own ignorance,
I am the leper of light they drive out
with the stone of the moon, the wolf
with the mystic wound that will not heal until the last star
is born of the bleeding. Return me to the cold, brutal beauty
of your mineral wilderness, my bones on Venus

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