Patrick White

Rookie (September l5, l948 / Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada)

Patrick White Poems

561. I Wake Up Late Again.3 Pm 11/24/2012
562. No Gravegoods In My Solitude 11/24/2012
563. Wait. Wait. Wait For It To Come 11/26/2012
564. Awake At Six A.M. 11/27/2012
565. Buried Under An Avalanche Of Tongueless Bells 12/2/2012
566. At The Crossroads Of Martyrs And Reptiles 12/4/2012
567. You May. You May Not Come. Maybe Tonight. Or Not 12/4/2012
568. The Moon Isn'T Renewing Her Virginity 12/4/2012
569. I Don'T Care If You Remember Me Or Not 12/5/2012
570. How Many Ways Can You Die In A Day? 12/6/2012
571. You Take The Solitude Out Of Poetry 12/6/2012
572. Sometimes The Deeper I'M Lost The Happier I Feel 12/7/2012
573. Always Aware Of How Unknown It All Is 12/8/2012
574. Clacking Home From High School In My Rugby Cleats 12/1/2012
575. Three Flames, My Goldfish Dancing Like Stars 12/1/2012
576. Patinas Of Distinction 12/1/2012
577. Snow On The Streets 12/1/2012
578. You Look Ahead At The Slice Of Light At The Opening Door 12/1/2012
579. This Ghost Of A Voice 12/11/2012
580. Trying To Make Peace With My Demons 12/11/2012
581. Eleven Seas Of Awareness In Every Drop 12/13/2012
582. Shape Of Desire. Hurt One. Lost. Holiness, Grieving 1/4/2013
583. Poetry Isn'T A Salve I Put On My Burns 1/5/2013
584. Because I'Ve Become Aware Of 1/6/2013
585. I Could Always Tell When Your Eyes Had Touched Something 1/7/2013
586. And In That Moment The Stars Come Down To Earth 1/7/2013
587. I Can Hear Crying All Over The Earth Tonight 1/8/2013
588. Three Years Out Of Four 1/8/2013
589. This Or That Delusional Choice 1/9/2013
590. In A Darkened Room 1/10/2013
591. The Blue Dawn Comes 1/10/2013
592. Stars Tonight And The Train Whistles Just Passing Through 1/12/2013
593. Acutely Aware Of The Onceness Of Life 1/12/2013
594. In The Moment Before Silence Breaks Water 1/13/2013
595. I Could Never Remember You In Garish Pacific Sunsets 1/14/2013
596. In The Straight Up Building Across The Street 1/14/2013
597. Putting A Little Finesse In My Solitude 1/15/2013
598. Someone Took The Grey Day Like A Dirty Rag 1/15/2013
599. Don'T Try To Force Me To My Knees To Pay Homage 1/16/2013
600. The Dust On The Window No Less Part 1/17/2013

Comments about Patrick White

  • i dont have a name (12/11/2017 6:38:00 PM)

    his poems are too long for my work

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  • Jonathan Platt (1/29/2013 12:57:00 PM)

    If you've never read Patrick White, prepare you mind for an off-the-planet voyage.

    Patrick has opened up new doorways of imagination...and once inside, he opens more.

Best Poem of Patrick White

You Are Crazy

You are crazy and beautiful
and wounded and wild
and the youngest daughter
of a coven of poetic sea-witches,
and dangerous as the moon in your changes,
the fragrance of night
hovering over the blue star-honey
of your seductive hive of candles,
the skulls you drink from naked,
anointing the fire
with libations of blood and wine,
dancing to the passionate lament
of ancient serpents
unfolding their wings
like eras in the lives of stars,
constellations that have come and gone like leaves,
seasons that are only distant ...

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The beast of a thousand unconsummated yesterdays
born without names in the gutter
roars in the rags of its own blood
for the poxy apricot of the rising moon. My voice
is a guitar without strings, the dark well
of an eclipse that eats the dragon
that has lingered too long in the depths without stars.
The crazy windows in this burning room
plead for a reason, a purpose, a sign

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