Patrick White

Rookie (September l5, l948 / Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada)

Patrick White Poems

681. The Words Make It Sound Breezy 4/3/2013
682. I'D Rather Learn To Sing From The River And The Wind 4/5/2013
683. I Was Thinking About Absurdity, The Unnamed Muse 4/5/2013
684. If You Look Upon A Puddle Of Starmud As A Degenerate Third Eye 4/6/2013
685. The Great Spring Night Pivots Like A Prayerwheel 4/9/2013
686. More Purpose In The Absurdity Of Shadowing Your Dreams 4/12/2013
687. Freezing Rain 4/13/2013
688. In The Fires Of Life 4/13/2013
689. The Little Noise I'Ve Made Over Fifty Years Of Writing 4/14/2013
690. I See In The Eyes Of So Many People These Days 4/16/2013
691. Solid Enough In The World For One Day 4/16/2013
692. A Good Day And Night On Earth For Me Would Be 4/21/2013
693. The Words Are As Big As They'Ve Always Been 4/21/2013
694. Only The Loneliest Of Ghosts Gone Mad 4/22/2013
695. You'Re Just Messed Up Like New Moonlight 4/23/2013
696. Fireflies Flashing Like A Seance Of Memories 4/25/2013
697. Paranoia Kills Like A Fanatic What It Suspects Without Conviction 4/25/2013
698. Looking For An Orbit In The Ripples Of Rain At Midnight 4/27/2013
699. I Showed Up With A Rose 4/28/2013
700. Calm. Cool. The Fan On. The Windows Open 5/5/2013
701. Life's A Sloppy Business, Daughter 5/5/2013
702. Asked What I Wanted To Be I'Ll Say 5/8/2013
703. Voices In The Labyrinth 5/8/2013
704. I See The New Moon Of A Black Pearl 5/9/2013
705. Serious As A Bell, Deep As A Housewell, I Was Young 5/11/2013
706. Lost And Broken, Lonely Hour Of The Night 5/11/2013
707. Staring Into The Future 5/17/2013
708. What's Beyond The Truth Always Makes A Lie 2/17/2013
709. Indelible, The Saline Taste Of The Tears 2/19/2013
710. I Shed Skins Like Eclipses 2/20/2013
711. Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump 2/21/2013
712. Another Lightning Strike Diverted From The Oak A Moment 5/30/2013
713. Even Sisyphus Stands Back Amazed 6/5/2013
714. Nothing But Windows For An Emotional Life 6/5/2013
715. More Peace Than Death In The Quality Of The Silence Tonight 6/5/2013
716. Silence, The Fifth Born Dimension Of The World 6/6/2013
717. You Take It In Like A Black Hole 6/6/2013
718. I Rue My Own Ignorance 6/9/2013
719. If You Were To Ask Me 6/9/2013
720. I'M Not Thinking When I'M Trying To 5/23/2013

Comments about Patrick White

  • i dont have a name (12/11/2017 6:38:00 PM)

    his poems are too long for my work

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  • Jonathan Platt (1/29/2013 12:57:00 PM)

    If you've never read Patrick White, prepare you mind for an off-the-planet voyage.

    Patrick has opened up new doorways of imagination...and once inside, he opens more.

Best Poem of Patrick White

You Are Crazy

You are crazy and beautiful
and wounded and wild
and the youngest daughter
of a coven of poetic sea-witches,
and dangerous as the moon in your changes,
the fragrance of night
hovering over the blue star-honey
of your seductive hive of candles,
the skulls you drink from naked,
anointing the fire
with libations of blood and wine,
dancing to the passionate lament
of ancient serpents
unfolding their wings
like eras in the lives of stars,
constellations that have come and gone like leaves,
seasons that are only distant ...

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Aubade With Ambiguities

Everywhere I go
I am buckled by sorrows
weeping like executioners
in hooded doorways
for the harvest of doves
they’ve bloodied
with their smiles,
for the ruined roses
that stain the hospital gowns

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