Patrick White

Rookie (September l5, l948 / Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada)

Patrick White Poems

81. Flyaway Woman 2/1/2012
82. Are You Born Yet 2/1/2012
83. Night Of Peace 2/2/2012
84. My Eyes 2/2/2012
85. It's Not Mad 2/2/2012
86. And There Are People 2/2/2012
87. You Don'T Do Crack Or Speed 2/2/2012
88. You Don'T Need To Tell Me You Don'T Care 2/3/2012
89. If Almost Any Leaf Will Do 2/3/2012
90. Lady Nightshade's Suicide Wasn'T Vain Enough 2/2/2012
91. Are You Sad 2/2/2012
92. Cruel Sorrows 2/3/2012
93. In A Journal Of Blood 2/3/2012
94. Wolves Out Tonight 2/3/2012
95. When The Blue Dove Turns Back 2/3/2012
96. Never Alone With A Candle 2/4/2012
97. Manically Slashing Paint Late At Night 2/4/2012
98. Love Goes Everywhere 2/4/2012
99. Journey 2/4/2012
100. You, My House Of Burning Thresholds 2/5/2012
101. Small, Warm Birds 2/5/2012
102. The Season 2/5/2012
103. The Western Light 2/5/2012
104. Not Quite Dawn 2/6/2012
105. I Can'T Say 2/6/2012
106. All That I Could Wish For You 2/7/2012
107. Looking At Stars From Spy Rock 2/6/2012
108. Sad Bell 2/6/2012
109. I Am A Dragon 2/7/2012
110. He Kept Saying To Himself 2/8/2012
111. And The Willows Down By The Banks Of The Tay 2/8/2012
112. And There Is One Voice 2/8/2012
113. Were There Stars 2/8/2012
114. What I Would Say To You 2/8/2012
115. Crazy Man Dancing With Fireflies 2/8/2012
116. After You Leave 2/8/2012
117. And It Doesn'T Matter Who I Am Now 2/8/2012
118. What I Wanted To Show You 2/8/2012
119. And Love Caught By The Gills 2/9/2012
120. Permian Impacts 2/9/2012

Comments about Patrick White

  • i dont have a name (12/11/2017 6:38:00 PM)

    his poems are too long for my work

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  • Jonathan Platt (1/29/2013 12:57:00 PM)

    If you've never read Patrick White, prepare you mind for an off-the-planet voyage.

    Patrick has opened up new doorways of imagination...and once inside, he opens more.

Best Poem of Patrick White

You Are Crazy

You are crazy and beautiful
and wounded and wild
and the youngest daughter
of a coven of poetic sea-witches,
and dangerous as the moon in your changes,
the fragrance of night
hovering over the blue star-honey
of your seductive hive of candles,
the skulls you drink from naked,
anointing the fire
with libations of blood and wine,
dancing to the passionate lament
of ancient serpents
unfolding their wings
like eras in the lives of stars,
constellations that have come and gone like leaves,
seasons that are only distant ...

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Aubade With Ambiguities

Everywhere I go
I am buckled by sorrows
weeping like executioners
in hooded doorways
for the harvest of doves
they’ve bloodied
with their smiles,
for the ruined roses
that stain the hospital gowns

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