Bijay Kant Dubey Pink Poems

The Astrologer Sitting With The Pink-Necked Parrot

The astrologer a babaji,
An Indian babaji,
Dressed in red or red,
Dhoti and kurta

Pink Flamingoes

Over the marshy plot of land
Saw I so many flamingoes,
The flocks of flamingoes
With the wings painted pink,

O Artist, will you,
Will you give me,
The statue,
The statue of Vinayaka,

A Red, Pink Statue Of Vinayaka

The small gipsy artisan girl
With a pink statue of Ganesha
Into the hands of hers

The Light Pink Lotuses

I saw them lying
Into the dry wet fields
By the railway line,
Colouring and discolouring

The Deep Pink Lotus (Haiku)

Her Cheeks Are Appleyish, The Lips Pink, The Eyes Lustrous

Shakespeare, your mistress'eyes may not be,
But those of mine are lustrous,
The looks so beautiful and penetrating,
The cheeks appleyish,