(03) - Rise Of The Dead Poem by James Grengs

(03) - Rise Of The Dead

Rating: 2.5

She awakes,
Cold to the bone-
A chill,
Forces a scream through her parched lips.
She is not now what she once was,
But all memories of that former life
-True life-
Are gone,
Purged by the horror of her transformation.
Now, she is empty:
A shell, with only a trace of humanity left.
Empty, but for that gnawing hunger-
The unholy appetite which has plagued
All of her new kindred for all of eternity.

She exists now on instinct.
Her change, having cleansed her
Of humanity,
Cleansed her of emotion.
She is now free,
More free than any has ever been,
Though she does not know it-
She has been driven mad by the voices
And the hunger in her soul.

That hunger-
He was old,
But she is new,
And her strength is yet unknown.

She stands there,
Over his body.
The final shred of her humanity
Screams against her,
For what she has done. But it fails,
And she is no longer human.
She is changed.

The sound of people approaching
-The sun draws near.-
She hides, in the dark,
Withdrawing into the night.

Janelle Grengs 06 December 2008

You are sooo great at writing. I loved this one. =] -Janelle<3

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Kristin E. Johnson 03 March 2005

This is the first one of your work that I have read. A vampire poem? I'll admit I am a bit biased against the subject, but I am going to read further. I am hoping to find that you will be using the vampire imagery to express something you relate to in existence as a living person. It wouldn't be enough to just paint a picture allowing your readers to decipher that we are dealing with a vampire poem. I am going to read this one again and I will also read some of your other 'Dead' poems as well.

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knot Available 09 November 2004

A female...okay. Very curious now...Write another one! :) adria

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