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0978.Mata Amritanandamayi-Who Am I To Say Who I Am?

Nalladhoar veenai seidhae - adhai
nalangedap puzhudhiyil erivadhundoa
solladi sivasakthi - enaich
chudarmigum arivudan padaiththuvittaai
vallamai thaaraayoa - indha
maanilam payanura vaazhvadharkae
solladi sivasakthi - nilach
chumaiyena vaazhndhidap puriguvaiyoa
visaiyurup pandhinaip poal - ullam
vaendiyapadi seyyum udal kaettaen
nasaiyaru manam kaettaen - niththam
navamenach chudar tharum uyir kaettaen...uyir kaettaen...uyir kaettaen
thasaiyinaith theechchudinum - siva
sakthiyaip paadum nallagam kaettaen
asaivuru madhi kaettaen - ivai
arulvadhil unakkedhum thadaiyuladhoa

Mahakavi Bharathiyar-Tamilnadu

The immanent and transcendental God
Permeating every cell of my Mother
Sudhamani now a senior teen clan,
Intoxication in divinity, reverberated the walls
As dance and song of pure energy-
Intelligence and bliss-the Sat-Chit-Ananda state,
Found expression in the prayer room
All alone at the peak of spiritual glory,
Elder brother and mother, the loveless souls
Witness to this drama divine, blessed spirits,
Not suffering themselves from ignorant arrogance
Made you, young Sudhamani reel under pain,
And declaring imbalance of the psyche and mind,
Never realizing your spiritual ascension,
Of Thee, my Mother, unbroken and never ceasing,
Those mockeries and derisions failing to attack you,
Torture after torture found their destination
Mentally and physically in your form so divine
My Mother called mercy, Sudhamani my child,
Made you wail from the core of Thy heart!

Separation from the Lord, Krishna the cowherd boy,
Made you cry till ye fell on the ground
Songs of despair floating in air
And filling the space of Idamannel hamlet,
Make me cry, hey mother of this world!

Hey Krishna my lover!
The hammer of the tortures
Strike the diamond of my love
Break into pieces, turning into bliss!
What is this life on earth if
I can not see you my Krishna!
Hey Panduranga! If you are the sky,
I shall rise as mountain with peaks so high,
And touch you softly with a gentle stroke!
You may crush me into sand and send me packing,
I will become the cloud to make my love
And pour my heart and speak silence
Your may condense me to water and send back as rain
This can never deter my resolve
To ever go along with you!
I will flow quickly on the sand
As stream of water parading
And reach the ocean wide and vast
To reflect thy black and become yourself,
Hope lingers in the core of my mind
Merging with you in the horizon far away!

Thaaraakaanthithiraskaari naasaabharanabhaasura-Lalitha Sahasranamam: 20

This means who has a nose ring which shines more than the stars;

Her nose stud is made up of rubies and pearls

This particular name of Lalithamma attracts me for various reasons

1) Mother Abhirami’s ear ring metamorphosed in to the milky-white full moon as it were a Full-Moon to save Abhirami’s child Shri Abhirami Bhattar
2) So I was searching for the possible reasons of Lalithambika wearing the nose ring

According to the Indian medicine, the female who get her nose pierced is assumed to experience less pains while delivering the child. The reason behind this belief is, through the piercing some vein is pressed that makes the childbirth easier.
Lalithambika being Janani, the mother who delivers all the creatures and universe has a greater justification for wearing those nose rings

Kanyakumri sports a dazzling diamond nose-ring; significance is that the glittering nose ring is visible from a distance.

Adhi shankara describes the nose ring of Ambal in Soundarya Lahiri.
Ambal was wearing a pearl nose ring on her left nostril!

Left side nose ring is a custom everywhere in India except in Tamil nadu!

we can locate a rationale in the yoga sastra of Swara, about the breath. The left nostril stands for Chandra kala and the right for soorya kala. The left stands for the moon – the feminine factor and the right, for the sun, the masculine factor. The one who has controlled the two kalas will become a tri-kaala gyaani.

Amma also wears diamond studded nose ring on the left side


Poem Submitted: Saturday, July 10, 2010
Poem Edited: Saturday, July 10, 2010

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  • Raman Savithiri (7/11/2010 12:29:00 PM)

    The bottom addition about the nose ring of mother universe and analyzing the same is indeed highly informative. Moreover it shows how you see things in broader view. Now I am thinking how to get my daughters’ noses pierced when they have modern mind set up to laugh at me!

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