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0983.Mata Amritanandamayi-Merger Or Mirage? - Poem by amma and rajappa

Dear Readers
Today being mother’s day, and being a motherless child from the age of 5 I offer my this special poem to all mothers.
My eyes suggested
See beyond the blue veil
Of the sky infinite
To find the traces of love
Mothers appeared
Anticipating my quest
Ears sharpened
To listen to the music
Heard the lullaby
In the common language of love
Sung by mothers
To quench the thurst
Of my soul gone dry
Bereft of love
Hands searched for
The shoulder to rest
The heavy head
Laden with the load
Of pressures and pushes
Amrita appeared
Hugging and caressing
Her pet son for ever!


. You are not philosophers but devotees. You believe in a Personal God. That is right. Go on
in this way. But have a yearning for the Lord and, depend upon it, you shall see Him as a
- Ramakrishna Upanishad (136–137)

Finding the Lord
In the siblings born along
Living the principle of
Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavathi
Imparting the supreme love
On the brothers and sisters
Bathing them dressing them
Imagining the cowherd boy
And perceiving His love
With the vision of the inner eye
Mother! You used to shed tears of joy
Turning into ecstasy of elated dimensions
Dancing all alone
You reveled in singing His glories!

Searching you here and there
I end up nowhere
Krishna! My lover
Hey beauty of lustrous eyes
Beating the petals of lotus the luminous
Hey sovereign Purusha
You transmitted this simple girl
Into self effacing lady love
Allow that merger
Before the withering of this flower!
My body your temple
Is turning into a dwelling
Resurrect this pity
Before this turns into a jungle!
Was kalinga the serpent,
Dearer to you my sweety?
You are not the baby
Of gopis of Mathura
But the soul of all beings
Ye prince of my heart!

Again as a tribute to motherhood which Amma symbolizes, I want to present the readers the following names of Lalithamma that signifies Her everlasting youth and beauty

Tharunee……Lalitha Sahasranamam 358

The above means the one who is ever young
Mother is without a beginning and end,

If there is a generation, there will be growth
If there is an end, there will be depreciation

The above is explained in kshyavridhdhivinirmuktha……Lalitha Sahasranamam….344

That remains in all the three periods…past, present and future; this is explained in Nithya….Lalitha Sahasranamam….136 which means one who remains forever

She is Poornaa ….Lalitha Sahasranamam….292 which means one who is complete, self sufficient, filler of space
She is Nithyayowvana..Lalitha Sahasranamam…430 means one who remains young ever

9 5 2010

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