(12) - Lament For The Dead Poem by James Grengs

(12) - Lament For The Dead

Rating: 2.8

She walked, once, in the light.
No more-
The unspeakable darkness
Has changed her.
Now, she who once was the light
Is darkness.
She is consumed by her change.
She is dead,
Gone to the depths
Of the darkness of eternity,
Waking dead.
Her smile is gone,
Her laugh silent,
The warmth of her arms
Grown cold.
She once lived in the day,
Now the night.
-Night, her protection,
Her new hope,
Her only hope.

He -her new enemy- remembers
Her life,
And mourns her change.
He cries, alone,
Longing to hear her laugh.
But he only sees her, silent.
He is haunted, having seen her:
He knows now that she exists,
But not dead.
He mourns, fearing her.
-She, once a beautiful dream, is become
The stuff of nightmares.-
He knows, too, the task before him:
Kill, destroy, end.
She is begun on a terrible path,
Which only he can save her from,
So losing her forever.
-There is a different abyss, darker and more terrible,
Reserved for the souls of the waking dead.-
He hates himself, knowing the fate she faces,
Yet being unable to save her from it.

For an instant,
A thought enters his mind:
Join her.
He knows well the method,
Having fought so long
In the twilight.
But no- he knows too the torment
Of the soul trapped in the dead.
There is no escaping her fate, or his-
He must do his task,
Though he knows the consequences on his heart,
His being.
The Hunter
Laments his dead,
Vengeance -his goal- burns.

Brianne Barth 11 November 2004

I like this one the best, I don't know why, but it is somethin that actually interests me, keep me comin back, J.S.

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. . 10 November 2004

Okay, now I get it...thanks.

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