donald kuutsi

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3rd Degree Tragedy [unpluged Mystries] - Poem by donald kuutsi

Everybody seemed to be happy,
as the sun was bright, happiness floating in air above our hats,
until we noticed the shadow approaching towards our door of happiness, soon the sky was dark,
as the wind opened the door, the realm of truth threw the black box in front of us, skeletons in the closet,
the bones peirced our hearts,
as our heat beat ceased, the shock
broke the codes of happiness
as the hidden skeletons in the closet emerged,
the wind blew towards where l was, a written story on the sand emerged, the wind flipped back my memory to the 3rd Degree
zone, l could see it vivid it was just
yesterday me as a young boy going with him to pay a couple of visits, l didn't understood as they was no psych to read the life lines for me as l was blind folded, now the wind has blew the sand&chips from my eyes l can see the 3rd degree tragedy wounds and scars all over the woman who knows and love me best, wish l could turn back the realm of time back in time l would have erased the 3rd degree tragedy from our radar
the skeletons are inevitable as the closet is in front of us, the closet has been made visible with the realm of truth, l can smell another
closet of another skeleton as my compass is showing me the direction, my heart beat is now beating fast and the pulse rate is high as l boil with anger looking
at the woman l truly love as the 3rd degree tragedy has whipped her face leaving her in pain each day, the wire cutting her deep like a surgery,
l still remember what you did
l saw you though l was young,
feelings have changed but the memories are being tossed by the wind towards my face,
whatever happend, it happend it can't be erased, thats reality
it time to move on with the future
l ONLY PRAY I DON'T WANT TO DRINK THIS CUP ALSO, apology accepted, trust denied, just because we gave you a second chance doesn't mean we forgot what you did because we still have marks from the 3rd degree tragedy..

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