A Hilda Passed Through Me...

A Hilda Passed Through Me...

I roam like butterflies
When was I born, what am I doing,
When I'm going to die, I don't know.
But as soon as I open my eyes, like butterflies running into the flower, I write poems for you as soon as I open my eyes.

On the cheek, lip, eyes, forehead,
I collect it from your eyebrows and hair
With my kisses, I make my honey
I'm writing you, Hilda.

Maybe I'll die tomorrow Hilda
Maybe today..
The more the butterflies care, the death,
I care so much.

I resent life like a lonely boy
There is no translation of this pain that you let me in
I feel that I will die every day
It turns out that I died when you left
I'm just noticing
But Hilda, I want you to know
The hearts of children are recovered quickly
Children can't break their heart and can't stand
Even you have to come, my heart is already in you
Hilde; I love you..
Hilde; I'm counting you…

What have I done to you?
You left me alone like this?
Keep it safe, Hilda, and a little pain for me.
I was your only lover
What about now? What am I now Hilda?
In this story, I was a happy person,
I'm nothing now,
Because I'm something with you
If you don't exist, I'm not..

I'm burning Hilda
In my sweaty dreams,
Nightmare on nightmare
In my sleep every night without you.

Tired fallen walker
While waiting for Hilda...

Mind is helpless in the face of love Hilda,
He is weak, weak and lost.
It is a blank paper without poetry, meaningless
Lost function
Your winds get here and there
The scrappy trash he dragged.
Hilda after love
What is the reason for?
If there is no love
What is your mind?
But if there is love there is no mind
We said love to mind
We loved what we love
I loved you like that Hilda
You got my mind
You put your love in your place
And if I'm writing childish things to you
Don't be angry, Hilda
Because these words are not wise,
Love of..
Only lovers understand this language,
You understand me?
Have you forgotten our language?

Honestly, I am disgusted with every breath I take without you.
And your absence tortured my poor heart.
I was hungry, thirsty in the garden, watching the way, I dried up, I remained like a branch Will not you come?

Two teenagers loving each other
While I'm holding hands,
I run to my garden and cry immediately
My tears fall on the flowers
While the natives were fading
newborns are born still.
The garden is fading, the herbs are drying,
The flowers are dying,
I? I'm crying
I'm crying crying dying, Hilda.

While waiting for you, every moment;
like hundreds of days, thousands of years.
An uneasy buzzing buzz in my ear
The birds whisper that they will not come
And unless you come, I will die.
But how long have I been waiting for you,
You know, Hilda.
You know, you don't come
I'm dying day after day
With fading flowers in this garden.

I'll be walking around, here and there
I smell the flowers, if there is any, smell it,
I sighed the whole garden
And I get it, your scent is beyond flower, garden.
You have the smell of love.

It was very cold, I went to the garden
Without buying anything thick.
My mother called, take something on her, you'll be sick, it's cold.
Whereas I was burning, Hilda;
This love melting like a candle inside me, piercing my heart drop by drop, was protecting me from the cold.
But don't think it's a good thing;
I'm just dying not by freezing, but by just…

It is about eating, drinking, living, my mother, my father and my brother's problem,
And survive tomorrow and the other day.
In the end, what they want to die properly is what they love.
My Hilda;
I don't want to eat or drink or live,
Unless my kisses are on your lips.
I thought my arms were enough, to hug you,
Hilda wasn't enough; Because you're not just a woman, you're my universe, my sky and my sea.
What are these arms for, after they can't hold you?
What do these lips do, like a perfect-fitting outfit, unless you can make a nice pair of words for you?

My eyes are broken due to unhappiness and watching your way
On my face, an expression that wants to die
Unrest fell on me
And I can't stand anymore
But now you're likely to come out of here,
Here it makes me live…

How many more years does the world live?
How many more days do they watch? the sun, the moon, the star, the night?
When does death come to them?
When do people die, Hilda?
When he gasps?
Or when someone like you forgot it?

Look, the wind is blowing.
The flowers living inside of me faded
People are dead
Sun is down
But the moon has disappeared
The stars are going
With the clouds..
Me in the garden
Me in the dark
I draw you in the ground
My tears break your picture
I am outside, my soul is my body
It becomes mud and
I'm melting drip
Next to your picture.

They say justice is the foundation of property, Hilda,
Order broke down after you left
Now that I have heard; They say property is the foundation of justice.

I'm not broken when you're gone
The country is broken, the city is broken,
Human is broken, order is broken
It all happened when you left.

Come fix us again
I believe in my country, my city
I believe, to man, to order
Come and fix us Hilda..

You were a cheerful girl
The joy of my country, my city and my soul,
You're gone, that's why all this unhappiness…

As if everyone is afraid of something,
They breathe quietly.
They are ordinary people, and are born unknowingly, they live unknowingly.

Bread, water and sky are enough for them
A few pieces of work, some sleep
They don't care for the passing time
This is all their lives.

That sky is not enough for me
What is it for me to drink?
How can sleep be halal
Or is my Hilda next to me?

Of these poems I wrote to you
I know what awake, what rule
Too old in loving you eternal
Can't stay without you and write poetry

People live the day
They enjoy the sun
They are very happy when it snows
They find the bottom of your pleasure

But your Dokman
You have gone, no one has seen
Your smiling face…

(Who can dare such love?
Who can love a woman who doesn't exist?
Who poems are not writers?
Who cries anonymous absence?
Who can give his life to nothing?

I am waiting for someone who can never come because it does not exist,
I listen to the one who is not in silence,
I am suffering without translation,
I, all alone, I, death, I, I don't!
You, you don't! ..)

What people have Hilda
See what minds are there?
This text I read came out of the closed bottle I found on the sea shore.

Did someone throw it into the sea,
Or did my destiny send it to me by waves?
I am not in love with my cure, I'm in love with me, Hilda And my problem is only you, you know that.

Cure? There is no such thing as cure, Hilda.
There is only trouble in this world.
You have trouble with your jaw, without jaw, don't be offended, Hilda.
You would talk non-stop, no I wouldn't get bored. I just couldn't make sense. And I couldn't know why. While kissing you on the lips, you would try to talk while kissing.

This both disrupted the moment and liked it. Drinking something sweet and bitter on your lips was like tasting.

And you know, I still think, why you're trying to speak even while you're kissing. You're a strange girl, Hilda.

You really were a strange girl, Hilda.
If you say why,
That wasn't the only thing you did while kissing.
While I closed my eyes and kissed me as if I went to eternity, I saw you open my eyes when I opened my eyes.

You are blindfolded, Hilda,
You said later you used to do this to me and to kiss me blindly. You are a strange person. Kissing in the eye, you are the creator of this.

There is no cure, Hilda.
Life is a problem, death is another and eternal problem. There is no such thing as Happiness, Hilda. There is only peace and restlessness, but it is the temporary volatile steam that appears to exist in them.

I agree with those who write in the text at the top and give rights to what is said there. You are forgetful, what text are you going to say now, that text dear, you know what's in the bottle.

But I do not completely count the writers there. I do not count, I do not count; because you exist Hilda, and your Dokman, I have. And I have love, I have love, you know that.

Gone are the days, you still haven't come yet,
Gone are the days, if you're not there, still
I can't believe it, I can't believe it, or is that text real?

But we kissed you,
From the lips, cheeks, nose, eyes, words,
But we kissed, we kissed.
How does the person who kisses you not exist?
How does the kisser believe that the kissed exists?

(Go, go where you came!
Go away, stupid bottle!
Nonsense paper, fake bad text,
disgusting bottle, go, go where you came!)

I threw the bottle into the sea,
Nifak was going to bring us,
This sinister bottle,
Don't believe him, believe me Hilda;

If I didn't exist,
if you never existed,
Even if we don't have any lips in our nothing, our particles are touched,
I know I kiss you, because I feel
and man, even if nothing, transcends nothing, when it exists.

We exist, Hilda, but we don't.
You are elsewhere, in the garden where I kissed you. Forget about that sinister text, with your curled hair again, in my face...

I would fly to hell
I would ask; Is Hilda here?
If they say here, I enter, I never leave
Although they say not, this time running
I would breathe at the gates of heaven;
-Hilda, is Hilda here?
- Which Hilda, is Hilda here too?
-The most beautiful, the most beautiful, the most cruel,
Whatever's most attractive is Hilda!
I'm looking for..
-Yeah, they left him in Araf,
He had an expectation and said, "I will not go to heaven or hell without him." Is it you
Where's the bride? It's mine? It's mine!
-Araf is a garden. Neither heaven nor heaven
of those who do not want hell, only
waiting for those who want the person they love
It is the location. Walk that dark path,
You'll see Hilda.

I woke up
Night in the garden again
My mind full of you
He is waiting for you in his sleep
In his dream.
Waiting for you in the world
In other worlds too.
Always you
Only you
Waiting for Dokman.
But here too
There also
It always seems dark!

What a fortune it's ours..


when you touch my skin
as if your hands are wandering in my soul.
This wind is the same as your hands
Soft, refreshing, and endless
But I exist, I'll stay windswept
Come for my memory Hilda
It's going to be my life
Through your hands.

Your hair is a fragrant forest
He wanders in the forest Dokman
I godlized every bit of you
You are the wife of the gods, Hilda.
In this age, everything has a god;
Your place, your sky, your wine, your love, your pain...
I have hilda
It is superior to all of me.


Come on the gold comb
Let me comb your hair,
Come sleep your sleep
Let me tell you fairy tales.

Bring your hands, put them in my hands
Let me hold it with a love of fire,
Lean your head on my chest
Let me hold you tight.

Baby, we're both tired
Our soul is out of order,
Let's rest a little bit each other
Our hearts are shredded.

Let death come to me dear
Or let your love come to my life
Other than that, I don't want anything
What about you or death
Nothing else is in the middle!

My eyes are burning baby
You are the baby in my eyes
Where are you, I don't know but
I know you're in pain!

The separation would come in the death tray
Why did you hurry so much?

I think of you every day
You pass my mind every day without me
What did you do to me, what did you do?
You made me grow older, without me, without you.
People in the new street
They are not getting out yet
Virus, disease, death anxiety,
How many years have I been in quarantine?
This love got infected by you
You made me sick, you left me alone
For years I have been pouring sweat
I can't heal, you're far away.
How many times does a person die?
I couldn't count yet.
My past years without you
Maybe five, maybe ten, maybe a hundred.

Topic(s) of this poem: love

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Form: Prose Poem

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