Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza

A Letter To My Late Friend - Poem by Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza

I was a young guy early in my teenage
Was not so sure who a true friend was until something happened
It was something that I will never forget and that was meeting you dear Alick
You were such an amazing character, bossy alright, but a true friend
I will never forget you my best friend for your kind are rare

At times I sit down waiting for you to come and talk sense to me
As that, you used to do
You were my only friend who understood what I went through seriously
So sure I could come to your place knowing that comfort is all I would get
When I sat down writing you letters; I knew you would do something about it
I was slowly learning life as a teen because of you
How will I forget you?

Sometimes I say it is unfair the way you left
It really pains me that I did not have time to say bye…
But instead of that, I busied myself planning on how we would laugh together as we used to
Only to receive that sad phone call; that you have left me in this world
Alick, confusion was what took over me
I did not understand it…I was about to send you a letter…but now you were gone
How was I to handle such a situation?
Am sorry I couldn’t cry I had no tears…I did not know what to do
But I lived in pains…

Such times when I get home and have nowhere to go
I remember how I would come at your place
If you weren’t there I knew where to find you
Now I am just alone…so many has happened but so little I can do
No one to share the stories with
Am yet sure you would be there for me
Man I will always salute you

How happy and interesting how it would be for you to be around
Am sure you would feel pity with the way I was some few years ago
And it’s obvious that you would welcome my new friends into your life
Lots of new friends are now around me, some behaving like you
Trust me you would enjoy their company too

As cool as night breeze you were
Even how you talked could not be forgotten
I kept what you advised me in the last letter that you had written
Funny how life can be like…one thing I will always remember is the sober you
If you were here I would say “kagundeni man”…I am happy for your good behaviours
I know you had your lows but I pray that God took care of that
It’s because I miss you that I write…and tears of missing you are falling…love you man
I will always remember you my good friend…rest in peace …Alick

Poet's Notes about The Poem

about my good friend who passed away around this time some seven years ago.
kagundeni is more like a greeting.more like a fist greeting(not hitting each other either.lol)

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Poem Submitted: Friday, February 21, 2014

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