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A Loneliness - Poem by Drew Fisher

The cold surrounds you and you shiver
The night draws near and you draw back
The wolf howls and you shake
You prepare yourself as the moon hides it's face
The wolf growls, and prepares to pounce
Yet you aren't for what happens next

A man appears beside you
He calms the wolf like magic, You stare as the wolf runs off
He looks at your face and laughs as he fades from this place

Time passes and a man knocks down your door
you look outside your cottage to a sea of flames.
The village grew weary of your hermit ways.
The villagers pull back their arms to throw the torches
till a wind blows them out.
The crowd grows angry till the the wolf appears
You wonder why they leave. Till the Man appears.

You're voice shakes 'Who are you? '
The Man smiles and says
'I am the fire when you are cold
I am the moon in the night
I am the calm when you are troubled
The strength when you're afraid
I am the you inside you.
You no longer need me
so I must go away.'
The Man begins to fade.

Then through the trees you see a face.
You once thought you lost
When you left that place
that drove you off to be a hermit
a thousand miles away.
A love that stayed when you had to leave
Comes running to you now

And then you understand the words
You whisper in her ear
'You are the fire when I am cold
My moon in the night
You calm me when I'm troubled
Give me strength when I'm afraid.
You are the me outside of me.
I need you so much longer now
so please never go away.'
And your loneliness begins to fade.

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