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A Loveless Story - Poem by katarina bowman

Love is like a number. You can add, subtract those men you have. Can also divide your affection to those of your family and those you dear sincerely. Can even multiply those people who you want to love. But in every other formula you've made in honor of love, there is still one definite solution to any other problems you might encounter.
A true love is not about having, but instead, it's about giving and sacrificing. If you're willing to sacrifice yourself for someone, maybe that's a true love. But maybe, it's just not for me... yet.
Love is like a bird, if it really belongs to you, it’ll comeback..... If not......

................................ ..........................

'SHOOT IT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ' DAMN THAT BIRD! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! CHOOSY! ! ! ! !
Burn the pages in my head but the memories are so clear. A thousand words left unsaid and you never shed a tear you say that you want to be close to me. So how does it feel? Now the tables have turned. You can learn how to live without me, live without me! ! Pictures up on the wall, suddenly now you’re all about me. All about me
where were you when I needed you? The only thing that I learned from you was how to walk out the door. Sincerely yours.........Now I’m a woman I’m on my own I am not ashamed you broke my heart you stole my pride all you left me was my name! ! I know you want to be in my shoes so how does it feel?
What if the sun never rose again? What if the sky turns from blue to red? What if the love we once had was never there? What if you told me you loved me but you didn't really care? I'll be missing the long walks with you in the rain. Until I remember all the pain. There's nothing to live for with you anyway I couldn't take another day... if I never knew u... I would never have this sentiment...attached to me...If I never knew u...
Love less?
I will love U till the end... Till my last breathe... just wish I could die in your arms! !
Life is about love... if u loved something...or love someone...U lived...or your living... but not all love stories have a happy ending...the one u love... won’t ever come to u.... never.... sometimes when life is so painful... and when u try to reach for something more...its feels so wrong...but I promised U...that I will always love u...and I will always love u... no matter what life pulls me through! ! I love U, my dear.

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