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A Poem About Amazing Women - Poem by David Pyrs

I took the train this morning from Munich to Berlin. It was very cold
when I woke up, The heater had stopped working last night, probably
because the landlord decided to tease me for not paying the bills for
so long. I cannot help it, there is so much I must pay, I just cannot
get all the money together.

I put my hand in my pocket and realized that today will be the first
day for my life to start getting upwards again. Today will be the day
for me to start living like I used to in my younger years. I saw the
most beautiful girl in my life, sitting before me. She sat there with a
small block note in her hand where she would make notes once in a
while. She was a woman of small statue, but every curve and bent on
her was so finely crafted – her body was nothing less from a perfect
sculpture out of ruby. And her smile…, as if her teeth were covered
by white diamonds.

For most part of the journey, I stared into her deep green eyes.
Strangely enough she looked back at me. Usually, people move their
heads away from me. Especially women.

Yes, women do not seem to be very fond of me. How could they? , my
face looks like an abandoned wasteland because of the abuse which I
have received in my younger years. I am not going to ask you for your
pity though; this is who I am, this is all of it. Sometimes I wish,
people could look through this scared face of mine and see the real

me waiting inside. Waiting inside me to come out and show itself.
Sadly, after all these years all I have received from others is a
strange look. As if I have ever done them something wrong.

Oh yes, before I forget; I joined the war a few years ago, got hit by
grenade shell in my leg and the right side of my face when I was
asleep. Nothing bad though, I just walk a little funny and look like a
deserted wasteland.

I find it hard to understand this society; no one seems to know what
is going on. While I was there fighting a war, protecting my country
against the devils. Having nightmares, but at the same time pushing
on, because I knew that I did it for my country and our freedom! And
still, people do not seem to appreciate my sacrifice. I do not need a
medal or a ceremony. A little appreciation would make my life easier
though I must admit.

This girl was different. She kept looking at me without ever showing
an ugly face. Her blond flocks were hanging over her tiny ears. She
had small diamonds on her ears, which made her face spark like
sunshine. When I was in the trenches, I used to daydream about being
free again and living in a free world. I used to dream about waking up
in the warm bosom of a woman.

And here I was then, in a free world, but no one seemed to notice
me. Or give a damn about me. Even the landlord keeps raising the
rent. He owns over fifty apartments throughout the city. And he

knows that I do not have much money. Still, he does not care. Maybe
it is because he has lost his son in the war. Maybe he is punishing me
for that.

I was watching my time piece during the entire ride. Because I did
not want the ride to end. For she would leave me then. Still, it was
early.12: 05 last time I remember checking my time. We would arrive
at 13: 09 in Berlin. She sat there with her legs crossed and her hands
over her knees. Just smiling at me. There were other people around.
Yes, the train was packed with all kinds of people. I can honestly say
though that I was looking the least normal.

As I sat there, I could hear myself thinking and wondering why this
woman was so kind to me. At the same time, I felt as if I could hear
her comforting words speaking to me; “I know you suffer, I feel your
pain, I have it too”. Out of nothing tears ran down my scared cheeks,
like great delta’s looking for their way to the ocean. She noticed my
tears but did not flinch. Slowly she stood up from the old plastic
chair. She stood there before me with her thighs only a foot from my
face. She was so slim and her smell was the sweetest. I could almost
feel her warmth.

She came to sit next to me and took my hands in hers. Only then she
started crying. Unlike me, her tears ran straight down her smooth
peach like cheeks and fell on her naked knees. Then she smiled and
her watery eyes sparkled by the ceiling lights. It was as if she found
something liberating and beautiful. I did not care anymore about
anything rest, all I wanted was to look into her eyes. Before the train
slowed down she said “Thank you, I know you”. Then she took her
grey trench coat off the hook, and put it on. Like the finest present,
wrapped in her own jacket, she gave me the warmest hug I had ever
had in my life and a kiss on my cheek. Then she stepped off without
saying a word.

It took me a while, to realize what had happened. And before the
train doors slammed shut again, I managed to jump off and headed to
the construction yard. That is the place you go to find a job when no
one cares about you, or your life. During my lunch break, as we sat
there on the iron beams. Dangling fifty stories high above ground
zero, I put my hand in my pocket for a lighter and found a small

“Yrcnemow Avenue 17, Berlin. I will wait there, as long as it takes. –

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