A Poem About Bobby Poem by Wykeshia McCallister

A Poem About Bobby

I fell in love with Bobby when I heard him sing that 1st song
Baby mesmerized me with his voice, that sexy, smooth tone
I can't describe tha feeling but I think most of y'all know
And everyday I listen 2 him, am I sprung? fa sho

I fell deeper when I saw him live, putting on a show
Sugah's voice was like honey, baby's body like whoa
He had me cravin him the way he popped, the way he dipped it low
And I cried when it was over, couldn't stand 2 c him go

4eva down because 4 Bobby, baby anything goes
We can make love if he wanna, cuddle up if he don't
I know he freaky by tha simple fact that he lets it b known
And I could be his 'groupie', not 2 b mistaken 4 a ho

I wish I couls tell him this, hit him up by phone
All I want is Bobby V to myself all alone
Want him 2 put me in his spell, get me caught up in his zone
I want 2 do him just right, though I know it's all wrong

I wanna touch and tease, kiss and please, watch his pants grow
Want him 2 beat it up, leave it all juicy and swole
I kno he'll do my body justice and I kno that I'mma moan
I'll 4get his name, have me callin him Ramone

Want him 2 kiss me from my fingertips down 2 my toes
Have me shakin, screamin, feelin pleasure down up n my bones
But Ima stop that dreamin, cuz I know that day will never come
I'm just his supersatr and I luv him, so I had 2 write a poem

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