Jacob Courtney

A Thankful Sinner - Poem by Jacob Courtney

A Thankful Sinner

Dear God,
Am I a fool? Am I a fool? Yes, why yes I am. I sit
Here study your word seeking you and yet I still miss
The lesson I still am not worthy for this gift for this
Life you have given me for this family for any of it.
Why Father, why me for this burden is much to bare
It weighs so much on my mind on my heart it races
A thousand beats a minute it terrifies me it frightens
Me. Father, I am not a good man I am not one who
Should do this for who am I, nothing I am nothing
I know it to be true. God, you are wise surely you
Know my heart you know my soul. I have doubts I
Have fears I have questions, can I lay them on you
Can you embrace this foolish man, this sinner
Who is fearful who is terrified.
Father, you have blessed me with more than
I deserve with more than I will ever be worthy. I am
Grateful for your grace for your mercy but most of
All for your love. I doubt myself I am a creature who
Fears who fails and truly I fear most of all is failing
You with the gifts you have laid upon me. To not do
Your will to not use these gifts the way you intended
Father, that terrifies me. I'd rather be struck dead then
To not use them to glorify You or Your Son. When I
See you I want to hear well done my son welcome
Home. Father, whatever it takes for me to be your
Servant I submit now and always. Let me praise
Your will, let me praise Your name, let me praise
Your Son. Thank you Father for loving a sinner
Such as me. In Jesus name...Amen

Topic(s) of this poem: faith

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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