A Voice From Afar Poem by John Henry Newman

A Voice From Afar

Rating: 2.9

Weep not for me;—
Be blithe as wont, nor tinge with gloom
The stream of love that circles home,
Light hearts and free!
Joy in the gifts Heaven’s bounty lends;
Nor miss my face, dear friends!

I still am near;—
Watching the smiles I prized on earth,
Your converse mild, your blameless mirth;
Now too I hear
Of whisper’d sounds the tale complete,
Low prayers, and musings sweet.

A sea before
The Throne is spread;—its pure still glass
Pictures all earth-scenes as they pass.
We, on its shore,
Share, in the bosom of our rest,
God's knowledge, and are blest.

Michael Walker 02 October 2019

His voice from afar could be from heaven. So he sees no need for his friends to weep for him when he is gone. 'I still am near; ' He is still in contact with the smiles which he loved on earth..There is a sea of glass before God's Throne and on its shore he and others find rest and share in 'God's knowledge, and are blest'. This is Newman's vision of what heaven could be for a Christian, but a vision wholly dependent on faith not experience.

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