Mari Martin

<**≫ A Walk By The Sea - Poem by Mari Martin

Footsteps in warm sand
a wandering path
washed in the foam of the sea
carressing the bareness of my feet.
Where are you?

Wind's kiss is soft against my cheek,
my minds conception of your touch.
My heart sings
to the music you inspire
as haunting as the whispers
inside the empty sea shells.
Where are you?

I move with the breeze
swaying as the cobra
dancing to music
played by it's captive.
The venom of Love
finding no place to release.
It spills into my soul.
Where are you?

My lashes rest upon moistened cheek.
The water of my eyes flows,
bleeding my emotions.
The silk of desire floats upon waves of need
becoming their veil.
The spray from the crashing waves
is like henna on my skin
as I imagine them to be
the exquisite pleasure of your touch.
Where are you?

Night bird
sing my song of desire,
a melody for the moon.
Guardian of night
keep vigil
until the sun brings his warmth
to my waiting arms.
Where are you?

Deep cool water of the sea
give me respit from the fires
consuming my mind,
the fever of life's passion.
Salt, cling to my lips
that I may taste
the ambrosia of him
close to me.
Where are you?

Footprints in the sand,
impressions surrounding my feet
as I step into them,
lead me on this path of dreams,
fade not.
I follow them to his heart.

When the sun drinks the sea
and sea birds seek their nights rest,
I am here
with jasmine upon my wrist.
Where are you?

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 19, 2012

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