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A Woman's Scorn

Rating: 4.5
Could it happen in America? Many experts underestimated her.
The anchormen and women on broadcast stations across America described the aftermath of Katrina like a 3rd world country.
She grew to a Category IV with 175 mph howling winds and 25 ft waves, extending her arms over 300 miles covering the Gulf Coast.
The cities lay in ruins. Biloxi, Mobile, New Orleans.
On August 29th she made land fall in the morning hours while man, woman and child slept. The elders had flashbacks of the last hurricane Camille, and the destruction it brought with her.
Katrina’s wraith was endless, the sound of glass shattering echoed everywhere, blown roof shingles became airborne, homes were pulled from their foundation and business establishments were destroyed and completely swept away.
Decade old trees swayed side to side, eventually snapping off by the shear force of the powerful gusting winds.
Streets were covered in debris. Telephone and traffic lights wires unraveled lying across the streets. Cars toppled and turned on their side some stacked on top of one another.

Whole city submerged underwater giving loose to wildlife and trapping people in their homes. It seemed like medieval times, where electricity was non-existence. Dead floating corpse filled the streets with a distinct pungent smell.
The aftermath brought hot muggy weather and diseases. Children separated from their parents had every mother aching in remorse. America has been dealt a devastating blow, but here comes help.
Volunteers poured out from every walk of life stretching across America into these three small states. God’s military including Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Army, and Army Rangers, and even Dutch Navy has lent a hand to help.
Red Cross opened shelters in churches and schools and made clothing, food, and medical supplies available.
Our international friends contributed help in forms of money, supplies and manpower. Heroism and stories of heroism are everywhere, people reaching out for their fellow man.
Natural disasters that cause destruction and causalities are hard to deal with, but God’s children pulled together united and devoted to help their brothren.
Let this tragedy renew and rekindle the human spirit in America. We! define what being an American is, no one else.
We give them a teaspoon of faith, a tablespoon of hope, and a cup of charity, all tied up in a bow of love.
Let me say with absolution and certainty that the victims of Katrina are internally grateful. God Bless America.
Craig Fieldings
Friday, December 7, 2007

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