Yoni Dvorkis

Air Brush - Poem by Yoni Dvorkis

1. Dimple under left eye, apply air brush.
2. Extend her legs, more voluptuous. Add 4 inches from ankle to knee cap.
3. You know...I'm just not feeling the dress. Do we have one of her in that green strapless?
Men like strapless right?
4. Holy hell! Can we do something about those teeth? Yuck!
5. She needs a glow around her head. Yeah like that, like an angel. Fantastic!
6. Rosy hue around cheek bones needs touch up. She needs to blush harder, like she's
embarrassed about something...something shameful.
7. Final edit, her smile is too big, women that happy don't read magazines...what? Don't look
at me like that!

Et Voila! Our hyper-stylized over-edited fictitious standard of beauty is realized.

Ok society!
Get ready...

(Conformity ensues)

Bonus points! We got a celebrity to do the cover shoot.
(Hey, you can only sell your soul once and chances are she already did it...
Christ, stop looking at me like that! ! !)

When she takes home her free promotional copy,
She can hold up our ideal of her side by side with the mirror and think:

'Wow...these images are so different and yet...I sense a strange and *vogue familiarity...
Almost as though...just maybe...they were of the same person...

Huh...I wonder which one represents me? '

*Typo alert! Should be 'vague'...silly me

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 4, 2009

Poem Edited: Friday, December 4, 2009

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