Bolami lawal

Alien's Invasion - Poem by Bolami lawal

Thats' all we have to do now,
Fight passionately against
Iron and steel
Those who feels no pain and bears no shame;
I guess it's time to stare at the sun,
Our past has beckoned on us
And we have no place to hide
We cried; but
It's too late to cry!

They came through the east,
At night while our guards were down
With pens and papers to steal our land
Brimming with greed but carefully shrouded
Ripping the innocent of their ancient tradition; and
Defacing the portrait of heritage
With tokens of chalks and chalkboards;
All that is needed to train the master servants

Oh! What a vile evaluation of our inheritance;
A noble fee for our ill- guided conscience
Bottles of alcohol and strange smiling faces
The alien's influence struck deep into our history;
Subduing the black strength; and
Adultrating our spirituality
Only to be replaced by an empty spirit of philistinism;
Indeed; a strange invasion of our pride

Baited into deep betrayal
We traded with souls
We gave away generations
Even; those yet unborn
We gave freely,
Our image, our root, our future....
We lived for a moment
And sacrificed eternity;
We laughed through the nights
Into a dawn of weeping.

I hope the time will come soon,
That the black giant shall awake again,
Again, into human history;
Quickened by the spirit of fallen heroes
Paying, even; dearly
For that which we lost to naivety
Realizing that freedom is taken; and
Not given.
It's time to stare at the sun,
But our strength lies
Upon the earth which we stand!

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Poem Edited: Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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